Top 10 - Festival Season moments & thoughts on Coachella

by - Monday, May 01, 2017


The Summer is approaching and so is the festival season.
I love festivals.
I love festivals on warm days, not when it's raining and windy.

Festivals are a great opportunity to check out your favorite bands and also discover new ones. All this, along side your buddies! Can't get any better, can it?!

Throughout the years, I have met so many nice people due to attend festivals, not to mention seen some of my favorite artists/bands.

I have been in festivals in sunny days, rainy days, stormy days (like reeeeeally bad storm!), snowy days (yes... snow!), indoor festivals, outdoor festivals, you name it.
And in all those circumstances, the main focus was the music; the artists, the shows. That's what a festival is to me.

There is a reason why such events are called Music Festivals; it's music the main focus of the whole event.

Now that another year of Coachella is passed, we can finally get over the post overdose of tons of fake make-up, hippies wannabes, weird outfits, people posing, people attending the "festival" just to be featured on the "Top 10 best dressed" or whatever the f*ck they talk about Coachella.
Has anyone actually even cared about the music played on such event?
Oh, we know Queen-B had to cancel and all, but what I saw on social media about such event was 98% about people trying to draw attention to them via "my Coachella outfit/look/make-up" crap, and maybe 2% about the performances.

Sorry, not my kind of festival!

Does anyone reading this has been there? if so, why were you there?
Or, would you like to go to Coachella?
Photo by my crappy phone! 🙈
Just for the fun, let me try to come up with a TOP 10 festival moments... Let's see:

10. Linkin Park - 2008 - Rock in Rio - Lisbon, PT
09. Hollywood Vampires - 2016 - Rock in Rio - Lisbon, PT
08. Anathema - 2011 - Vagos Open Air - Vagos, PT
07. Moonspell - 2015 - Epic Metal Fest - Tilburg, NL
06. Metallica - 2014 - Pinkpop - Landgraaf, NL
05. Epica - 2016 -  Epic Metal Fest - Tilburg, NL
04. Slipknot - 2015 - Graspop Metal Meeting - Dessel, BE
03. Rammstein - 2010 - Rock in Rio - Lisbon, PT
02. Bon Jovi - 2008 - Rock in Rio - Lisbon, PT
01. Evanescence - 2004 - Rock in Rio - Lisbon, PT

Are you a festival person? What are your favorite festivals?
If you had to do a TOP 10 of your Festival Moments, what would be in it?

See you soon!

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