This is not a goodbye...

by - Monday, May 08, 2017


Oh, don't be all scared up about the post title; I am not referring to blogging. 😉
Even though, nowadays, I read several people talking about quitting blogging and so on, and even I had those moments in the past.
But that's not today's subject. What is then, you may wonder....

It has been a week since I quit drinking coffee.
Take a moment to soak in that information....

Now, if you know me a bit by now, this comes as a total surprise and unexpected. Right? 
It was indeed a decision I was forced to make and still not happy about it but it is for a worthy cause.

Not only coffee I quit, but also, tea, Coca-Cola, red wine or any dark beverages or sauces. 

Well, I am about to start a whitening treatment of my teeth, and was told by the dentist that all those beverages mentioned above are a "no go" for the next.... 3 months!
3 freaking long months, people!!!!! *desperation*
My journey to get a better smile (and healthier teeth) is technically half way. There are a few things I still must take care of, but it will be all worth it; I am sure!
I recently finished my Invisalign treatment (you can check my posts here: CLICK), therefore, after getting straight teeth you got to make them a bit whiter. Right?? 😁

Back to the coffee issue.

Now, I do not consider myself a coffee-addict, but instead, a coffee lover (have you seen this post about my love for coffee?). And I should also add tomato sauce, which is also on the "black list"....
Today marks the first week without any of those items mentioned and I must say that, even though I miss them, I am coping quite well.
But to be 100% honest with you, the first 2 days were HELL!!!
Really, no exaggeration. 
Headaches, sleepy, not energetic, you name it...
Even had to take medicines to be able to function at 60%... Yes, that bad!

The problem is: after these 3 months are over, I will get back to coffee. I know it! All because I love it so much... But then, I will face the issue of keeping my teeth white, or else I can just kiss goodbye all the money spent on the treatment (not cheap...).

Long story short, tomorrow I get started with the whitening treatment!
Wish me luck and send me all your positive thoughts; I am going to need it!

Also, if you have ever been through such treatment, let me know your thought/tips on the comments. I will be glad to hear from you!

See you soon!

Next Post: May 11th @ 9am CET 

P.S.: for those who I deal with daily: forgive me if I am a bit jumpy... Nothing personal! 👼

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  1. Eu posso beber café por ti ( sem açúcar) e mandar-te os efeitos secundários por telepatia, quanto a coca cola isto não está na minha lista neste momento... #freesugar lol