You vs Society : what is expected once you turn 30

by - Monday, April 24, 2017


Today, I am here with a very personal post, as you may conclude from the title.
Yes, I am over 30 years old, in case you did not know. Time is just flying by like an F16.
Still remember the day I turned 8 and told to myself, while at my grandparents living room: "only 10 more years to go until I can drive a car!".

But what's my point here?

Well, with me being over 30 years, I feel the pressure that society puts on me about what I should do or should have done by now. (see where I am heading to?)

But you know, being 30 (plus...) has shown to me that this is my life and I should do things that matter to me, the way I want/feel like and most importantly at my own timing.
A bit dramatic and self centered, I know...
At this point in my life, people frequently ask when I am getting kids, or getting married or whatever the hell they think is "normal for a person of 30 years old". But that is what others think I should do at this stage of my life, or that is somehow "normal".
Nothing wrong if other people have done these things at my age (or younger), but truth to be told, I am kind of tired of explaining my decisions to others.
I know they don't ask out of bad intentions or whatsoever, but it just gets tiring and repetitive.

One must understand, that even though I am a woman of 30+, does not necessarily mean I feel the same needs as others do, and vice-versa.
Lisbon's sunset | Sony a5100 
For me, at this point, I have the need to live my life, without too many "duties" (wake up early for work is already enough!).
So let's make a few things clear:
  • I am very happy with my life right now
  • I am not missing out on anything
  • I do not feel less woman because I do not have kids
  • I do not feel less loved because I am not married
  • I have many many many plans & dreams yet to realize
Now, please do not feel offended by what I just wrote; this my take on the subject without judging others on their decisions.
I just wished not to be judged me on mine.
Who knows, maybe in 5 years I change my mind on all these points.

In the end, what really matters, is that we live our lives the way we wish. Not the way society thinks we should!

Have you got tons of things to do before "settling in"? So do I! And not feeling any sorry about it, to be honest.

Do you also feel the pressure?
Share your feelings/experiences in the comments section.
Looking forward to hear from you.

See you soon!

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  1. I think its awesome that you are content with where you are right now. A lot of times we're made to think that our life is missing something by not being married or having kids but we can still have FULL lives filled with love. AND we get to be a little selfish since its just us lol which i'm not complaining about at all.
    - Christine :)

    1. Hi Christine;

      I totally agree with you! A little bit of "me" time never hurt nobody, right? haha

  2. I totally feel you! I am 30+, a wife and a mother, but I still face such questions about my plans and what I do in my free time If I don't have a job. I should have another baby, If I am not doing anything else! I should start studying etc etc. I face all these questions every other day. I too get irritated and sometimes really depressed as well, because nobody ever asks me what I really want to do or would like to do. What I wish to do!
    But I guess at the end of the day, We should listen to ourselves right and do what makes us happy! :)

    1. Exactly; listen to what your mind and heart tell you to do with YOUR life. What others think you should do (or not) is just their opinion. At the end of the day, we must be happy with the choices we made.
      We will never please everyone anyway, so... ;)