Traditions | To keep or not to keep?

by - Monday, April 17, 2017


Did you all have a good Easter, in case you celebrate it?
Over here, it was sweet and easy!

Traditionally, Easter back in Porty-land (aka Portugal haha) would have included fish meal on Good Friday and a nice cut of lamb roast in the oven with nice potatoes on Easter Sunday. But when you are an expat, even the simplest traditions become tricky to accomplish.

We did not have fish for Good Friday neither Lamb for Easter. Actually, we did it the opposite. hahaha #sinners

What cannot miss on Easter, for me, is that super duper delicious Maxi Kinder egg! Oh man... I don't eat Kinder any other time of the year, but on Easter is sacred!
Are you familiar with these?
I mean, how can someone not be happy to have one of these XXL eggs to eat?! hahaha Mine was gone in no time...

Traditions are as important as we want them to be; should we keep them?!
Well, ever since becoming an expat I find myself giving them more importance then before. Perhaps because it makes me feel closer to home or keep me grounded or not losing my identity.
And the funny thing is that traditions are getting more and more linked to food/meals then ever before.

Are you a person to hold on to traditions or not at all?
If you are, which ones do you think are more difficult to keep up?

Talk soon!

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