The sights of a visit to Rome | Part 5 - FINAL

by - Saturday, March 04, 2017


Unfortunately, everything comes to an end, and so did our trip to beautiful Rome.
Since our flight was only mid-afternoon, there was still some hours left to go and check out some other parts of town.

The thing was; our legs were already too tired and we had already seen many many many beautiful sights.
It became difficult to have that "wauw" effect, but I will blame this to our tired state of mind (and body!) and very intense previous days.
Either way, we took the subway again, while our 24h-cards were still valid, and went to San Giovanni area and, guess what we did?! Yep!
We walked some more.

Didn't take many pictures, but when I saw this little yellow old Fiat, next to an Alfa Romeo, I thought to myself:
Old meets new!

So I took a little snap as a farewell photo.
Time to go home | Rome February 2017 
And this concludes the Rome series!

But if you remember the post PART 1, where I mentioned the main reason to visit Italy, you may wonder:
How come there are no food photos?!

Well the answer is easy: I couldn't wait long enough and simply ate it before I took photo! 🙊
See? I am a terrible "food blogger"... hahaha
I will keep it mind on my next visit to Italy: photo first then eat!

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Hope you liked to see Rome through my lens!
Let me know in comments below, if you have ever been to Rome and liked it or if you intend to go.
I am curious to hear from you.

See you soon!

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  1. gah that yellow taxi is so cute!
    Abbie E.

    1. Hi Abbie,

      Indeed, such a cutie little car. :)
      Thanks for your comment & visit!