Let's talk Moonlight, shall we?

by - Monday, March 13, 2017


Monday means a new post, and as a matter of fact I had another post planned for today, but after some events during this past weekend, I felt the need to change what I would be sharing with you today.

This last Saturday, I went to see the movie Moonlight. 
Did not have any clue of what it was about, only that it had won a few Oscars and of course, after the whole mess up during the ceremony, it made my curiosity about this movie much higher!
Good marketing campaign, one could say....
Since I dislike spoilers, I do not want to be one of them! Therefore, if you a reading this and have not seen this movie, then please stop reading this post and come back, so we can share opinions.

For those who have seen it, here it goes...

Honestly, I don't even know where to start, but I am keeping it real.
My honest opinion: 
This movie is a piece of sh*t! Sorry, but I simply cannot say it in any other way.
Spent the whole movie waiting for some action to happen, but there was simply nothing! NOTHING!!!

I had the impression that the script was divided in two parts, each of them written by different people., which didn't even care to see if their stories would fit in together. For my taste, the story line was very empty, and without anything really Oscar worthy.

In short notes, this movie was about:
Black young gay guy which did not know how to handle his sexual orientation, living in the suburbs of Miami (which only became clear at the very end of the movie) with is mother, who does drugs. He was bullied at school for being gay, and finds shelter at a drug dealer's house (his mom's dealer). Eventually, he gets fed up with it, beats up the guy that has always picked up on him, gets sent away and turns into a drug dealer once released. Later on, he meets up with the only guy that he has ever been open about his homosexuality. And it ends.

Now, please, tell me: is there anything new in this story?? 
Before I continue, let me make clear a few things:
I have nothing against homosexual people.
I have nothing against black people.

But, to me, this is just not enough to make it a Oscar winning movie! Sorry... 
The movie was badly put together, and just because he is black, gay, from a single parent family, who does drugs, does not make it great!

In all honesty, as I see it, this was just political oriented move to get the public to see it. And so that the Oscar Academy can finally get rid of the racist accusations of not having enough black people nominated or winners.

It's just the same as asking people to vote Clinton so she can be the first woman as President...
No, no, no and no!

I left the cinema very upset; wasted my time and money!

What are your thoughts on this movie?
If you liked it, please share with me, what did you like about it.

See you soon!

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