How I stay organized for less chaotic days

by - Monday, March 06, 2017


I must confess that I am not the most organized person out there.
Or let's say it like this: my organizing techniques are somehow unorthodox. 😄

Do you know those people who are organized in their own mess? Well, guess I belong to that group.
Normally, I try to have some schedule, routines and keep things organized with a good overview, but along the way, things have the tendency to divert from the original path.

So, last year (2016! haha), I seriously tried to come up with a solution for this long-time "issue". Browsed the internet for tips and eventually, came across a planner system, that even though offers some structure is still flexible enough to adapt to my own needs.
Because everyone's life is different, a planner/agenda that might work for you, may not work for me, and vice-versa.

Since January 2016, I have been using the Erin Condren Life Planner.
This cute planner, helps me out to keep on track with my projects, house duties, trips and allowed me to have more free time.
Weird, hum?

Left - 2016 colored inside | Right - 2017 Black & white inside
But the thing is, if I plan my days a little bit ahead, I can find free time almost every single day of the week. That time can be used for hobbies or to just simply do nothing without feeling guilty.

The downside of this planner is that it's mostly available in the USA and the shipping costs to Europe are expensive.
So, since mr.A was in the States last November, he was kind enough to bring me a 2017 planner! There's always a bright side, correct? 😉

So far, I am keeping it up much better and efficiently than throughout 2016. I think by now I found a system that works for me, therefore, it feels more natural to use this planner.

The web is full with cute ideas on how to decorate this planner, but to me, that's just a waste of time, to be honest. I do have my stickers (which I make it myself - should make a post about it some of these days), but they are functional stickers instead of decoration. I use stickers because my handwriting sucks big time! 😏

Those days when it felt like there was no time to do anything else but home-work-home are gone! 👍

Did you get curious about these planners? Here's their website:
Note: this post is NOT sponsored.

See you soon!

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  1. O post não é sponsorizado...mas devia ser!haha Fiquei bastante curioso com estes planners, embora não tenha percebido bem a mais-valia dos mesmos relativamente a um simples bloco de notas (é uma questão de mo mostrares quando nos virmos novamente:)

    1. Se fosse sponsorizado era maravilhoso... haha
      A mais valia destas agendas, para mim, é que podes costumizar e escolher que tipo de agenda queres.
      Se fores ver ao site, vai perceber melhor o que eu quero dizer.
      Ah, e tem uma "overview" mensal, e anual.
      Mas eu depois mostro-te o meu.

      Talvez faça umpost aqui sobre como uso o meu planner.