Thursday, March 30, 2017

52 Week Photo Challenge - Week #13


When the lights go out, what are we left with?

Week 13 / 52
These streets will make you feel brand new
The big lights will inspire you...
Name a place where, if you could, you'd go back just NOW.

Photo details:
Location: Times Square, NYC
Settings: Sony a5100, ISO125, 16mm, f/4.0, 1/60s

See you soon!

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Monday, March 27, 2017

A trip to Portugal | Cabo da Roca & Cascais


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Just about 30 min away from Lisbon, there is this lovely town called Cascais.
Perhaps you have heard about it before.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Food | Mushroom Risotto


Sony a6000 | ISO 8000 | 27mm | f/4.5 | 1/60s

When I returned from Rome, one of the things I knew I had to do was to cook more Italian food.
Like I mentioned before, pasta is one of my favorite things to eat, but Italian food goes beyond that.

I challenged myself and decided to cook my very first RISOTTO!
My appreciation for Risotto started during the my last visit to NYC (see here), and of course, while in Rome I had it once for dinner. 
It was a seafood tomato risotto.

But for a first experiment, I thought it would be smarter to just go for something easier. Beginner level, you know?

Browsed the internet, and like normally happens, I ended up at Jamie Oliver's website and picked out a simple mushroom risotto recipe.
When Jamie says it's easy, it really is!

Sony a6000 | ISO 2500 | 25mm | f/4.5 | 1/60s
My background as a Scientist makes me to follow a recipe to the very last gram or ml, which can be amusing for others, but you know, the end result was just like expected! #yay

I totally recommend this recipe, not only is super easy to make but it does taste DELICIOUS!
The risotto was as creamy as expected without being "too gummy" if you know what I mean.

Here's the recipe for you & give it a try: Mushroom Risotto recipe.

Bom apetite!

See you soon!

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

52 Week Photo Challenge - Week #12


"Luxury is in each detail" - Hurbert de Givenchy

Week 12 / 52

What do details mean to you?
You prefer the bigger picture or to spend time in the detials?

Photo details:
Location: Lisbon
Settings: Sony a5100, ISO100, 14.3mm, f/11, 1/160s

See you soon!

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Monday, March 20, 2017

Invisalign - Update!


Let's give it a little intro on this subject.

I am an Invisalign user since November 2015 and currently on my second treatment, so called refinements.

When I first started using Invisalign, the idea was to give some feedback on this subject on a more frequent basis, but to be honest, I just forgot! 
Using Invisalign became so normal, that switching between aligners is not a "happening" anymore.

But if you don't know what Invisalign is, please check these posts:

Initially, I was going to do just one treatment with 19 aligners, but at the end, even though my teeth were straight, due to their shape, empty spaces were visible in between the upper part of my teeth. The so called "black triangles".
After a talk with my Ortho, we decided to continue the treatment. Did another session of IPR, to reshape some of my teeth and as off today I am on my very last set of aligners: 13/13!!!

So far, I am still satisfied with this orthodontic treatment, because it allows me to get my teeth in good shape without having a metallic smile. Nothing against that, except that I am no 13 anymore... πŸ˜„

If you are not 100% happy regarding the way your smile looks like, that the step and visit an Orthodontist to ask for advice; you might not regret it!

As my treatment is approaching its end, I am still not sure if I should continue for some extra small corrections or not.
Once you get in this mind set of getting your teeth in good shape and condition, you may fall in the trap, and never be satisfied. Let's see how far I will go.

But before I go, here's a pic of my aligners at the moment.
Are there any other Invisalign users reading this post? ✋

See you soon!

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Thursday, March 16, 2017

52 Week Photo Challenge - Week #11


"Water is driving force of all Nature" -  Leonardo da Vinci

Week 11 / 52

What is your driving force?
What keeps you going when times are tough?

Photo details:
Location: The Netherlands
Settings: Sony a6000, ISO100, 50mm, f/22, 1/10s

See you soon!

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Monday, March 13, 2017

Let's talk Moonlight, shall we?


Monday means a new post, and as a matter of fact I had another post planned for today, but after some events during this past weekend, I felt the need to change what I would be sharing with you today.

This last Saturday, I went to see the movie Moonlight. 
Did not have any clue of what it was about, only that it had won a few Oscars and of course, after the whole mess up during the ceremony, it made my curiosity about this movie much higher!
Good marketing campaign, one could say....
Since I dislike spoilers, I do not want to be one of them! Therefore, if you a reading this and have not seen this movie, then please stop reading this post and come back, so we can share opinions.

For those who have seen it, here it goes...

Honestly, I don't even know where to start, but I am keeping it real.
My honest opinion: 
This movie is a piece of sh*t! Sorry, but I simply cannot say it in any other way.
Spent the whole movie waiting for some action to happen, but there was simply nothing! NOTHING!!!

I had the impression that the script was divided in two parts, each of them written by different people., which didn't even care to see if their stories would fit in together. For my taste, the story line was very empty, and without anything really Oscar worthy.

In short notes, this movie was about:
Black young gay guy which did not know how to handle his sexual orientation, living in the suburbs of Miami (which only became clear at the very end of the movie) with is mother, who does drugs. He was bullied at school for being gay, and finds shelter at a drug dealer's house (his mom's dealer). Eventually, he gets fed up with it, beats up the guy that has always picked up on him, gets sent away and turns into a drug dealer once released. Later on, he meets up with the only guy that he has ever been open about his homosexuality. And it ends.

Now, please, tell me: is there anything new in this story?? 
Before I continue, let me make clear a few things:
I have nothing against homosexual people.
I have nothing against black people.

But, to me, this is just not enough to make it a Oscar winning movie! Sorry... 
The movie was badly put together, and just because he is black, gay, from a single parent family, who does drugs, does not make it great!

In all honesty, as I see it, this was just political oriented move to get the public to see it. And so that the Oscar Academy can finally get rid of the racist accusations of not having enough black people nominated or winners.

It's just the same as asking people to vote Clinton so she can be the first woman as President...
No, no, no and no!

I left the cinema very upset; wasted my time and money!

What are your thoughts on this movie?
If you liked it, please share with me, what did you like about it.

See you soon!

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Thursday, March 09, 2017

52 Week Photo Challenge - Week #10


Week 10/52
"Mais vale sozinho, que mal acompanhado"
Finding our path can sometimes be a lonely journey, but you know, I like to think that it's worth to go, even if alone. In the end, it's our lives, nobody else's.
No matter on which part of your journey you are, just do it your way! 
Even if it means alone.

Photo details:
Location: Maas River, The Netherlands
Settings: Sony a6000, ISO 100, 49mm, f/14, 1/80s

See you soon!

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Monday, March 06, 2017

How I stay organized for less chaotic days


I must confess that I am not the most organized person out there.
Or let's say it like this: my organizing techniques are somehow unorthodox. πŸ˜„

Do you know those people who are organized in their own mess? Well, guess I belong to that group.
Normally, I try to have some schedule, routines and keep things organized with a good overview, but along the way, things have the tendency to divert from the original path.

So, last year (2016! haha), I seriously tried to come up with a solution for this long-time "issue". Browsed the internet for tips and eventually, came across a planner system, that even though offers some structure is still flexible enough to adapt to my own needs.
Because everyone's life is different, a planner/agenda that might work for you, may not work for me, and vice-versa.

Since January 2016, I have been using the Erin Condren Life Planner.
This cute planner, helps me out to keep on track with my projects, house duties, trips and allowed me to have more free time.
Weird, hum?

Left - 2016 colored inside | Right - 2017 Black & white inside
But the thing is, if I plan my days a little bit ahead, I can find free time almost every single day of the week. That time can be used for hobbies or to just simply do nothing without feeling guilty.

The downside of this planner is that it's mostly available in the USA and the shipping costs to Europe are expensive.
So, since mr.A was in the States last November, he was kind enough to bring me a 2017 planner! There's always a bright side, correct? πŸ˜‰

So far, I am keeping it up much better and efficiently than throughout 2016. I think by now I found a system that works for me, therefore, it feels more natural to use this planner.

The web is full with cute ideas on how to decorate this planner, but to me, that's just a waste of time, to be honest. I do have my stickers (which I make it myself - should make a post about it some of these days), but they are functional stickers instead of decoration. I use stickers because my handwriting sucks big time! 😏

Those days when it felt like there was no time to do anything else but home-work-home are gone! πŸ‘

Did you get curious about these planners? Here's their website:
Note: this post is NOT sponsored.

See you soon!

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Saturday, March 04, 2017

The sights of a visit to Rome | Part 5 - FINAL


Unfortunately, everything comes to an end, and so did our trip to beautiful Rome.
Since our flight was only mid-afternoon, there was still some hours left to go and check out some other parts of town.

The thing was; our legs were already too tired and we had already seen many many many beautiful sights.
It became difficult to have that "wauw" effect, but I will blame this to our tired state of mind (and body!) and very intense previous days.
Either way, we took the subway again, while our 24h-cards were still valid, and went to San Giovanni area and, guess what we did?! Yep!
We walked some more.

Didn't take many pictures, but when I saw this little yellow old Fiat, next to an Alfa Romeo, I thought to myself:
Old meets new!

So I took a little snap as a farewell photo.
Time to go home | Rome February 2017 
And this concludes the Rome series!

But if you remember the post PART 1, where I mentioned the main reason to visit Italy, you may wonder:
How come there are no food photos?!

Well the answer is easy: I couldn't wait long enough and simply ate it before I took photo! πŸ™Š
See? I am a terrible "food blogger"... hahaha
I will keep it mind on my next visit to Italy: photo first then eat!

In case you missed it, here are all posts from this series:
Part 1 - CLICK
Part 2 - CLICK
part 3 - CLICK
Part 4 - CLICK

Hope you liked to see Rome through my lens!
Let me know in comments below, if you have ever been to Rome and liked it or if you intend to go.
I am curious to hear from you.

See you soon!

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Thursday, March 02, 2017

52 Week Photo Challenge - Week #9


Week 9/52

My background has trained me and my brain to see patterns, shapes, symmetries and all that jazz anywhere I am or whatever I am looking at.
That was exactly what happened while sitting at nice bar, by the Tagus River in Lisbon, some months ago.
While looking around I found myself completely hypnotized by the structure of the building and the way light shined on it...

Do you think your studies/backgrounds, influence the way you see your surroundings?
Tell me I am not a freak... πŸ˜„

Photo details:
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Settings: Sony a5100, ISO 125, 16mm, f/5.6, 1.3s

See you soon!

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