The sights of a visit to Rome | Part 4

by - Monday, February 27, 2017


Day 3 in Rome; are you ready?
Walked distance = 14.3km.

I could show you many more pictures but then you would see everything that Rome has to offer, but I think it's nice to keep some surprises away and not overload you with pictures! 😊

My recommendations are: good walking shows, 24h public transportation tickets and take breaks every now and then.
You will find authentic and non-turistic places to eat and drink everywhere, as long as you don't look on the busiest streets.

Of course, always keep an eye on your belongings as soon as you see larger amount of people.
And don't be scared if you see TONS of police and army on the streets or guarding the monuments/buildings.
I have to admit that it took me a while to "get used to the idea"... Quite frankly, I think I'm still not.

Enjoy the tour!

The day started at Piazza Spagna - Full with turists...
The Vatican at a far distance on the way to the Villa Borghese park
Water clock in Villa Borghese park
View over  Piazza del Popollo
Monument to Vittorio Emanuelle II
Old Roman City at Foro Romano - 1
Old Roman City at Foro Romano - 2
The Coloseum by day
All photos taken with Sony a6000 💖

Hope you have enjoyed the tour throughout our 3rd day in this beautiful city.
I fell in love!

In case you missed it, here are Part 1-3:
Part 1 - CLICK
Part 2 - CLICK
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See you soon!

Next post: March at 9am CET

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  1. Tão bom receber comentários como os teus, querida!!

    Boa segunda-feira, :) *

  2. Os meus pais vão a Roma em Abril :)
    Um beijinho grande*
    Novo blogue! Crazy Cat Lady

    1. Olá Olivia!

      Ah tenho a certeza que eles vão adorar.
      Mas que se preparem para andar bastante!! ;)

      Beijinho e obrigada pela visita!

  3. Que fotos lindas! Adorei e quero tanto visitar ;)

    Eu vi The Great Wall em formato normal, 2D (cinema NOS). Deve haver cinemas a passar o filme em ambos os formatos ;)

    Beijinhos e boa semana <3

    1. Olá Carla!

      Obrigada!! Espero que consigas ir a Roma, vale muuuuuito a pena!
      Quanto ao filme; aqui pela Holanda, quando os filmes são lançados em 3D é bastante dificil encontrar em cinamas a versão 2D... Uma chatice!

      Beijinho, boa semana e obrigada pela visita! ;)

  4. Thank you for these posts. I went to Rome nearly 10 years ago and your photos took me right back :)

    1. Dear Jo,

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment & visiting my blog.
      I am super glad I could take you back to Rome through my photos.

      Hope to see you around more often!