52 Week Photo Challenge - Week #6

by - Thursday, February 09, 2017


Maastricht, the city where an important treaty was signed, 25 years ago.
A piece of paper, where words of unity  were written and signed off.

Where did it lead us?
Are we united? 
Where do we go from here?
Should we let it all fall and forget what once brought so many countries to wish to be together?

It's not because the way is rocky, that we should drop it all out!

In these times when Europe is constantly being put to test, and America is going through what we all know, we must stand together and be a strong Union!
More than just GDPs, debt limits, and all that financial stuff.

We, as citizens of one of the countries belonging to this Union, should value the pro's of it and not always focus on the con's. 
Bad thoughts lead us nowhere.

I am a Portuguese, living in the Netherlands, working in Germany, travelling all over the place. 
I can never be against being part of EU! Never!

Let's all walk together for a better and stronger Union.

Week 6/52
Walk together - ⒸMiss B

Photo details:
Location - Maastricht, Netherlands
Settings - Sony a6000 ISO 200 33mm f/20 1/60s

See you soon!

Next post: February 13th @ 9am CET

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  1. descobri agora o blog e gostei muito. sou nova seguidora, passa pelo meu e deixa a tua opinião (:

    1. Ola Angela,

      Obrigada querida!
      Espero ver-te por aqui mais vezes, e sim, vou dar um pulo ao teu blogue tambem!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, dear Erin! :)
      Much appreciated.

  3. Tão bonito o teu texto, tão sincero, tão puro! Todos deviam ler algo assim :) e a fotografia está linda!

    1. Ola Sara!

      Obrigada querida, pelas palavras e pela visita.
      Volta mais vezes! ;)