Gratis - a Dutchie's favorite

by - Monday, January 16, 2017

Gratis, Dutch word for "free" or Portuguese misspelling for "Grátis".

I am not sure if it's a Dutch thing, because we Porties also like it, but they (the Dutchies) have a thing for "Gratis".

Here are a few examples:

At the grocerie store, they've got coffee machines for the customers; you can just suit yourself, grab a cup of coffee while you do your groceries.
I've seen people getting in just for the coffee...
It's free! Why not?!.
At the drugstore, they had a promotion going on that you would get a shower gel for free if you'd buy over a certain amount (can't remember the exact number anymore).
I got the stuff I need it, went to register to pay.
The cashier: You can take shower gel X; it's for free!
Me: Thanks but no.
The cashier: but it's for free!!! Take it!!!
Me: No, thanks! I don't use it.
The cashier: but it's for free!!!!!!!
Me: Can I just simply pay??? I do NOT want the shower gel!
The cashier: *rolls her eyes and let me pay*
The new bus line in town makes a special offer that everyone can ride along for free, every Sunday, until Christmas (included).
Result: buses are full!!
If anyone tries to chek in, people in the bus start shouting "It's FREE!!!!"
Almost makes you feel like an idiot, in case you accidentally did not know that it was for free.... How do you dare?! Trying to pay your ride when it's for free???... You idiot!!!

There are more examples but for now I think these are just good overview. 😄


Now, is this a Dutch thing or does everyone out there gets/does something just because it is for free??
Do you? Let me know in the comments below. 😉

See you next Thursday!

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    1. Yep!!
      E há mais pérolas... :)


  2. Hahaha the story at the drugstore is funny, and absolutely right :)