52 Week Photo Challenge - Week #3

by - Thursday, January 19, 2017


This is my photo for week #3 of the 52-week photo challenge.

With this one, I intended to practice on shutter speed and capture movement; for that, I choose a giant spinning wheel, set the shutter speed to 1.6 seconds and tried to stay as quiet as possible, on a cold winter night, surrounded by Christmas enthusiasts, who nearly saw me on my knees while trying to capture this.

I had in mind what kind of picture I wanted to achieve, but initially, I didn't really know how to do it; but I didn't give up! Tried every single mode that the camera has to offer, and eventually, made the crazy decision: go Manual or go home!

Set the camera to Manual Mode and shot until I was satisfied. Took quite a while... 😁

But you know what? Now, I look at it and I feel very proud!
Perhaps is not 100% sharp, but I got what I worked for.

And this is the message behind it:
Work hard, even if it may seem out of reach. If we don't try to go out of our comfort zone, things won't happen!
To achieve something, we must try it first!

# week 3 / 52

Photo details
Location: Maastricht, Netherlands
Date: December 2016
Camera: Sony a6000, f/5.6 16mm

Feel free to join this challenge; use the #52weekphotochallenge tag and share your photos! 📷

See you soon!

Next post: January 23rd, 9am CET

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  1. Foto fantástica!
    Beijinhos <3

  2. Love this photo, the challenge sounds like such a fab idea as well! x

    Han |