52 Week Photo Challenge - Week #2

by - Thursday, January 12, 2017


This is my photo for week #2 of the 52 week photo challenge.

I chose this one because a shinning Sun through the naked trees on a clear sky winter day felt so relaxing, that brought a certain peace of mind to my day.
We all have those days where, no matter how hard we may try to over come a gloomy mood, it just seems that nothing works. 
For me, a view like this one is enough. 

The Sun will always be there for us, to brightened up our days, no matter how thick the clouds above us may be. 

Never give in; just be patient. 

# Week 2/52

Photo details
Location: Maastricht, Netherlands
Date: December 2016
Camera: Sony a6000, f/5.6 16mm

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Stay bright

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