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by - Monday, December 12, 2016


Ever since I got my camera, I have been trying to take more photos and get better at it, but like with anything else, I have realized that it really takes time and effort to see some results.
In the beginning, I basically just shot in auto and slowly changed some settings to see what would happen; never I thought about JPG/RAW formats. If only I knew....

Since a few weeks, I have been spending some time reading information about all technical specs of the camera and understand every single mode.
At this moment, I have the kit lens only, which for my level is quite good I think; at least there is still room for improvement and learning with this setup I've got now.
So far, my favorite mode to shoot is Aperture mode, though, I sometimes still get a bit confused with those funny numbers and all. I think should refresh my knowledge in optics... :-) *shame*

The photo below, I had to do some touch ups on Lightroom since the original was a bit over exposed due to high ISO, but here the goal was to play around with the night-shooting mode that the camera offers.

Maastricht - December '15 - by Miss B
My goals on a short term are:
- Always shoot in raw format.
- Learn how to use the Shutter mode.
- Improve night photos.

Please, leave your feedback not just on this picture, if you will, but also let me know some tips & tricks. I'm still a newbie, so please keep that in mind. :-)

Have a good week!

See you soon!!

Photo details:
Sony a5100 25mm f/4.5 1/8s

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  1. Olá Bárbara, para já aconselhava-te a não te preocupares em fotografar em formato RAW a menos que tenhas bons conhecimentos de edição, além disso é um formato que ocupa muito espaço. Mas, assim que sentires ou se já sentes que necessitas de fotografar em RAW e sabes como trabalhar com RAW começa a fotografar nesse formato + JPEG. Existem muitos locais na internet para aprender sobre fotografia gratuitamente, o é apenas um exemplo. Normalmente costumo fotografar no modo A mas também não sou nenhuma "expert" (ainda! :p). O mais importante, é sem dúvida, praticar muito. Bj*

    1. Olá Sandra!!!
      Obrigada pelo fantástico feedback.
      Actualmente estou a fotografar em RAW+JPEG e até à data está a correr bem 😉
      Mas sim, o mais importante é praticar!

      Beijinhos e bom fim de semana.