2016 in review - the good, the bad & the ugly

by - Thursday, December 29, 2016

As the year is approaching to its end, I can honestly say: it was about time!
What a year....

To me, it feels like 2016 was a roller coaster at the speed of light. Went from its best to its worst in a blink of an eye.

Still remember, starting 2016 full of hope, positive thinking and most of all, seeing it as a blank canvas where I could try to write the best story I could ever come up with.
Guess what? I didn't.
Not that I didn't try, because I did, but every time I tried to make something good of it, life had something else in mind.

In bullet points here's my 2016 in review:

The good:
Birthday in NYC
Became a home owner 
The project I've been working on it finally got out "for business"
Portugal won the EuroCup

The bad:
Had a trip planned for the day that the Brussels attacks happened; luckily I changed my flight...
My car was strained at Brussels airport
No summer vacation
No beach
Got a debt for the rest of my life
Got checked for breast cancer
Had a burglary in my house
My camera got stolen
Lost the sense of safety/security
The World is a f*cked up place
Trump became president
Miss my family (which gets smaller by the second) and true friends

The ugly:
My grandmother died 😢

So yeah.... It has been quite something this year.
Do I look back with a smile? No.
Do I look forward with a smile? No.
Am I looking forward for 2017? Not really.
Should I? Perhaps...

But you know what? F*ck you 2016!


And for you 2017 around the corner: you better nice!! 
Hope your 2016 had been much better. 

Best wishes for 2017!

P.S.: A big thanks to all the people that in one way or another were there with & for me throughout 2016. I will never forget....
Next post:January 1st 0am CET

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  1. Parece ter sido um ano muito intenso. Espero que 2017 seja bem melhor.

    1. Foi sim... Obrigada e igualmente! Um excelente 2017! :)

  2. Infelizmente também perdi a minha avó... os meus sentimentos linda.

    O meu reino da noite ~ facebook ~ bloglovin'

    1. Obrigada.
      Muita força para ti também. Que 2017 seja um ano de luz para todos.