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by - Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Hello there!

It has been 131 days (today included) since my last post on this blog. Sorry for my absence.
Many reasons lead to my silence during the last months, and I am still not ready to be back to "blogging world".

When you want to have a somehow personal blog (hence the name Porty's Diary), sometimes is just difficult to come out here, drop a few words of what you hope to be a nice content, when all around you is a bit of a mess. And that was the case.

I am still grabbing the pieces and put this puzzle back together, knowing that some of those pieces will be forever gone. It might (most probably, will) change the tone of what I will write in the future.
Yes, I will keep writing.

That brings me to another point I would like to address today; for a limited time, this blog will be "On Hold".
I need to figure out what I want to do with it, what content I would like to share with you that could be interesting for both sides.
Some ideas have come to mind, but still nothing is clearly planned. And without a plan, nothing succeeds.
Also important to mention: suggestions are welcome! :)

One thing is for sure: I do not want my blog to be just another blog. I want to keep it personal, since those are the type of blogs I like to read the most; and they became rare in today's blog-World.
There are already thousands of bloggers out there trying to sell you something. That won't be me.
I do not intend to become a "blogger".
Just someone who likes to blog and share. Get the point? :)

Anyway, this is not a goodbye. It's just an "Até Já!"
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