Locks from Paris - how did it happen?

by - Tuesday, November 15, 2016

I have never been to Paris, and in all honesty, I don't plan on going.
But technically, I have been to Parisian soil, at the airport, though. Does that count?! LOL
Anyway, even though I have never been there, the thousands of locks on a bridge (example), are quite well know all over the world. 
Till today, I don't get why fixing a lock on a bridge will mean anything. Or that any wish will become true. Or that your feelings will be "forever"....
Might be just my skeptical side being a bit prominent.
Also thought that maybe it was some kind of tradition linked to Paris, with a background story that I have yet to find.
Surprise to me, I have found some locks, on what I believe to be a sewer lid, in Portugal.
The location is very nice as well, to me, nicer than Paris (no offense), but totally random.
It made me wonder:
- was this imported by some tourists, that thought "oh wait, here's some metal part, let's fix a lock here, like in Paris!"
- some Portuguese people thought "why not a bit of Paris over here?"
Not that it bothers me, on the contrary, found it quite amusing. But, the question remains; why to fix a lock?
What is the point?
Has anyone ever done such thing?
I would be glad to know what were the reasons.
"Small bits of hope" - October '16 - by Miss B
With or without locks, let's just make our dreams & wishes come true.

Have a good week!

See you soon,

Photo details:
Sony a5100 40mm f/5.6 
1/400s ISO100

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