Last trip to Portugal for 2016

by - Monday, November 21, 2016

View at the Castle from Miradouro São Pedro de Alcântara - by Miss B


At the end of October, me and Mr. A, went back to Porty-land for a few days away.
Took advantage of the long weekend and off we went!
No plans on what to do, what to visit, but only in the mind that Lisbon still has many many things to offer, not just him but also myself.
It still surprises me that every time I am back in town, so many new things happened and there are always new places to visit, to eat, to drink… you name it!
Makes me feel like a tourist as well.

So this time, we visited downtown again but through different streets (= different neighborhoods).
For the first time, we went to Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara and Mercado Time Out (originally known as Mercado da Ribeira).

Industrial ceiling at Mercado da Ribeira - by Miss B 
Of course, we passed by Belém and Jerónimos, but did not stop for the Pasteis de Belém as they are not a favorite! Shocking right?? We both prefer Pasteis de Nata (plus: it avoids hours in lines to just get some pastries…).
Mosteiro dos Jerónimos - by Miss B
On another day, we headed to Cabo da Roca; the most western point of Continental Europe. Windy, full with tourist, but somehow peaceful.
There I took the time to practice some photography; landscape and also people (Mr. A was the main subject – what a patient guy… LOL). I will share some of them in a future post. 
Cabo da Roca - by Miss B
From there, we went to Cascais. It had been more than 6 years since we were there and we automatically fell in love with the village once again.
The vibe is very relaxed and beachy like. It is a fishermen village; with very old but well-preserved town-houses (I think I can describe them like this), a well-known place for tourism.
Cascais, a fishermen village - by Miss B
On the other days, we just chilled, hung out with friends, partied (Yay!!!) and charged up our stock levels of Vitamin-D. Seriously, it felt like summer days; temperatures were always higher than 25C and super sunny. Ahh… lovely Porty-land!

On a more personal level, it was very difficult to be back home for the first since I lost a very important and dear person of my life… I wonder if it will ever change…….

But yeah, that was my last trip to Porty-land for 2016. Glad to have met some familiar faces, friends and had a great time together with family and Mr.A.

Oh, I almost forgot: the food…. Ahhhhhh I wish I could bring that (and the weather) in my suitcase; the grocery stores, the restaurants, the home-made delicacies…. Yeah, I think I got a few extra kgs…

Have you ever been to any of the places mentioned above? Let me know!
If not, well, here you have a suggestion for your next city-break. #MissBTheTouristGuide

Have a good week!
See you soon!

Photos details:
All with Sony a5100
different settings

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  1. O Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara corresponde à primeira foto? Bela vista! Lisboa é sempre excelente! A foto do Cabo da Roca é a minha favorita deste post (mas as outras também estão muito boas):)
    Fico então a aguardar as fotos do Mr. A!

    1. Sim, a primeira foi tirada no Miradouro.