Monday, November 28, 2016

Não deixes para amanhã...

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... o que podes fazer hoje.

Os ditados populares e a sua sabedoria.
Cliché? Talvez, mas não deixa de ser verdade.

Quantas vezes não deixamos algo para fazer noutra altura, porque agora não dá jeito?
Quantas vezes não falamos ou mandamos um olá a alguém querido, porque hoje não tivemos tempo? Mas há sempre tempo para a porcaria do supérfulo, para o inútil, mas para o que realmente importa, a tendência é adiar.
Eles vão lá estar amanhã, pensamos. Eu pelo menos às vezes penso.

E depois arrependo-me. 😐

Arrependo-me do que podia ter feito e não fiz.
Do que podia ter dito e não disse.
Porque nem tudo é para sempre, e muito menos as pessoas. 
Elas vão-se e nós não estivémos, não dissémos, não mostrámos.... 
Por isso, o melhor é não deixar para amanhã!

O amanhã poderá ser tarde.

"Guiding skies" - Lisbon - October '16 - by Miss B.

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Monday, November 21, 2016

Last trip to Portugal for 2016

View at the Castle from Miradouro São Pedro de Alcântara - by Miss B


At the end of October, me and Mr. A, went back to Porty-land for a few days away.
Took advantage of the long weekend and off we went!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Locks from Paris - how did it happen?

I have never been to Paris, and in all honesty, I don't plan on going.
But technically, I have been to Parisian soil, at the airport, though. Does that count?! LOL
Anyway, even though I have never been there, the thousands of locks on a bridge (example), are quite well know all over the world. 
Till today, I don't get why fixing a lock on a bridge will mean anything. Or that any wish will become true. Or that your feelings will be "forever"....
Might be just my skeptical side being a bit prominent.
Also thought that maybe it was some kind of tradition linked to Paris, with a background story that I have yet to find.
Surprise to me, I have found some locks, on what I believe to be a sewer lid, in Portugal.
The location is very nice as well, to me, nicer than Paris (no offense), but totally random.
It made me wonder:
- was this imported by some tourists, that thought "oh wait, here's some metal part, let's fix a lock here, like in Paris!"
- some Portuguese people thought "why not a bit of Paris over here?"
Not that it bothers me, on the contrary, found it quite amusing. But, the question remains; why to fix a lock?
What is the point?
Has anyone ever done such thing?
I would be glad to know what were the reasons.
"Small bits of hope" - October '16 - by Miss B
With or without locks, let's just make our dreams & wishes come true.

Have a good week!

See you soon,

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Sony a5100 40mm f/5.6 
1/400s ISO100

Monday, November 14, 2016

Shop is open!!!!

Hello everyone!

So, we are back to business!! *CONFETTI*

As you may have noticed, either from checking the blog out or from my last post  (HERE), the lack of posts the last months was obvious.

This year has taken some funky (to put it in a nice way) twists and my attention was diverted to other subjects.

Lost my view on what I would like to write about, some call it inspiration. As if I got lost along the way; lost the vision.
"Finding the way" - Lisbon - October '16 - by Miss B
But, some time away made me realize that I missed blogging. I missed writing about things that mean something to me. It may sound very selfish but a personal blog is somehow selfish. Or else, you are just being bombarded with another marketing campaign... Not here, fellas!

So, I grabbed my thoughts, paper and pen and tried to remind myself why I started this blog, what went wrong (as if there's right or wrong when it comes to a blog) and how I can prevent this absence to happen again.

As you can read on the About page (which got an update), there it is stated what my interests are and it is a clear indication on how I envision this blog.
It's all about going back to the roots.

But let's see what we've got new over here:
New layout: what would it be a fresh start without a new outfit, right? :)
Language: I am seriously going to try to write more in Portuguese; not just because it is getting rusty but because I would like to reach out more to my fellow Porties out there. English posts will remain.
Frequency: The plan is to have a weekly story; if time allows or life gives me lemons, I'll make more lemonade (aka new posts haha).
Main Subjects:
  • PT - NL life related posts
  • Travel: I'll keep my trip diaries.
  • Food; might not be just recipes! Tips and Suggestions will also be included, with a strong connection to my Portuguese origins.
  • Photography; I am counting on you for feedback on my journey through this new but very interesting World.
  • Beauty: occasionally, some post will pop-up. Sorry; I'm still a girly-girl! :)
There will still be room for any random posts, but I am going to try to keep this blog as active as possible. 
So yeah, stick around, leave your feedback (kindly appreciated), if you will, follow via the social media (links available on top + side + -bottom bars) or if you prefer, subscribe via email and get my latest posts directly on your inbox. Easy right? :-)
I am very excited to restart this Diary and share my adventures, thoughts, experiences and tips&tricks with you!

Hope to see you soon!

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Sony a5100 50mm
ISO 125 f/5.6 1/80


Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Remotely connected

Hello there!

It has been 131 days (today included) since my last post on this blog. Sorry for my absence.
Many reasons lead to my silence during the last months, and I am still not ready to be back to "blogging world".

When you want to have a somehow personal blog (hence the name Porty's Diary), sometimes is just difficult to come out here, drop a few words of what you hope to be a nice content, when all around you is a bit of a mess. And that was the case.

I am still grabbing the pieces and put this puzzle back together, knowing that some of those pieces will be forever gone. It might (most probably, will) change the tone of what I will write in the future.
Yes, I will keep writing.

That brings me to another point I would like to address today; for a limited time, this blog will be "On Hold".
I need to figure out what I want to do with it, what content I would like to share with you that could be interesting for both sides.
Some ideas have come to mind, but still nothing is clearly planned. And without a plan, nothing succeeds.
Also important to mention: suggestions are welcome! :)

One thing is for sure: I do not want my blog to be just another blog. I want to keep it personal, since those are the type of blogs I like to read the most; and they became rare in today's blog-World.
There are already thousands of bloggers out there trying to sell you something. That won't be me.
I do not intend to become a "blogger".
Just someone who likes to blog and share. Get the point? :)

Anyway, this is not a goodbye. It's just an "Até Já!"
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