A day in Delft - pt 2

by - Monday, June 13, 2016

Hello again!!! :-)

Ready for part 2?
In case you missed part 1, here you can find it: PART 1 

Delft, like some other cities in the Netherlands, has plenty of canals which makes it even more charming, in my opinion.
It's amazing to see how the Dutch embraced this feature and use it in so many ways. I have never been to Venice (it's on my to-go list) but it kind of reminded me of such city.
Plus, I found it WAY more interesting than Amsterdam. 
In Delft, you don't have the red-light-district tourists, neither the coffee-shop-tourists. Nop, it just feels right over there, welcoming and cozy.

 So today, I am giving you some of my impressions on Delft's canals. Hope you like it! ;-)
On the way to the city centre.
A restaurant's terrace on a boat... why not?!
Boat houses!! #lovelyyyy
The East Gate #likeapostcard
And another restaurant on a boat
All pictures taken with Sony a5100 w/ kit lens.

Still not convinced about visiting Delft? Then come back for part 3! ;) 
Should be online soon!!

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