Invisalign - UPDATE

by - Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Hello there!! :-)

On today's menu we talk about teeth! Exciting, hum? haha
I thought it was about time to give a little update on my Invisalign journey.

Most people that go for Invisalign is because they want to have orthodontic treatment and keep it "under cover" but as you can see I am not ashamed of talking about it. ;-)
What I like about this treatment is that it is actually quite "invisible"; my mouth is not full with stainless steel (or whatever material traditional braces are made of), I can remove them any time I want/have and it's much faster than traditional braces (as far as I know).

I am currently on set 10 (tomorrow starts #11) out of 19! 
To realize that I have come this far it's quite insane, to be honest. Time flew by... Does it mean I had fun?! Let's see.
  • I passed successfully Christmas & New Year's festivities; I did not wear them for 22h/day on these days. I tried on the first day and then I realized that I missed all the fun. Yeah, for me Christmas and New Year's have a strong connection to food and drinks. So I was like "whatever!! I am not going to sit here and watch everyone eat and drink!" Braces off!!! A few days after the holidays, I had a check up and got a "green light" for the next sets! "Oh you are just on track" they told me. I felt a huge weight coming out of my shoulders.
  • Stopped counting to the very last second how many hours I wear the aligners and you know what?! I works just the same! If you can't do 22h/day is no big deal... As long as you just don't wear them for 2h/day! ;-) All  about balancing...
  • I brush my teeth anywhere, anytime. Did it during flights (even without getting out of my seat!), train rides, at restaurants, pubs... you name it!
  • Not ashamed to take my aligners out in front of people. Sorry but sometimes public toilets are sooo disgusting that I just can't do this stuff there. As long as hands are clean, I am super quick so nobody notices. ;-) Just so you know, if you find me making funny faces while I have my fingers in my mouth... hahaha
  • Wearing the aligners feels much more natural than not wearing them... Yup! 
  • Never drank so much water in my whole life!!!
  • Miss my morning smoothies....
  • Flossing has become as common as.... breathing! LOL Gotta do it all the freaking time...

So yeah, this is what I have been up to regarding braces and stuff. Interesting, hum?
But I truly recommend anyone this treatment, if you are not happy with the way your teeth look like. All it takes is a bit of dedication (Euros also...).

In 2 weeks from now it's IPR time again in order to create some extra space for the lower teeth to move. So yeah, I may have some "nice little gaps" in between my teeth, but it's all for a good cause! *I hope*

Ah, I almost forgot to talk about pain! And why? Because I didn't have any! :-)

So yeah, I think that's it for now.

See you soon!

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P.S.: No pics due to broken camera... :-(

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  1. I can relate with a lot of your experience here. I'm so glad that my wife recommended that I try Invisalign, but sometimes they are a pain in the butt. I also used to drink smoothies, more than once a day, and find I have to skip them now more often. That's ok, though, because most of the time no one can tell I'm wearing these!

    1. Hi Marco!

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience with Invisalign!
      It is indeed a bit of an adjustment, but in the end, well worth it, isn't it?