Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Invisalign - UPDATE

Hello there!! :-)

On today's menu we talk about teeth! Exciting, hum? haha
I thought it was about time to give a little update on my Invisalign journey.

Most people that go for Invisalign is because they want to have orthodontic treatment and keep it "under cover" but as you can see I am not ashamed of talking about it. ;-)
What I like about this treatment is that it is actually quite "invisible"; my mouth is not full with stainless steel (or whatever material traditional braces are made of), I can remove them any time I want/have and it's much faster than traditional braces (as far as I know).

I am currently on set 10 (tomorrow starts #11) out of 19! 
To realize that I have come this far it's quite insane, to be honest. Time flew by... Does it mean I had fun?! Let's see.
  • I passed successfully Christmas & New Year's festivities; I did not wear them for 22h/day on these days. I tried on the first day and then I realized that I missed all the fun. Yeah, for me Christmas and New Year's have a strong connection to food and drinks. So I was like "whatever!! I am not going to sit here and watch everyone eat and drink!" Braces off!!! A few days after the holidays, I had a check up and got a "green light" for the next sets! "Oh you are just on track" they told me. I felt a huge weight coming out of my shoulders.
  • Stopped counting to the very last second how many hours I wear the aligners and you know what?! I works just the same! If you can't do 22h/day is no big deal... As long as you just don't wear them for 2h/day! ;-) All  about balancing...
  • I brush my teeth anywhere, anytime. Did it during flights (even without getting out of my seat!), train rides, at restaurants, pubs... you name it!
  • Not ashamed to take my aligners out in front of people. Sorry but sometimes public toilets are sooo disgusting that I just can't do this stuff there. As long as hands are clean, I am super quick so nobody notices. ;-) Just so you know, if you find me making funny faces while I have my fingers in my mouth... hahaha
  • Wearing the aligners feels much more natural than not wearing them... Yup! 
  • Never drank so much water in my whole life!!!
  • Miss my morning smoothies....
  • Flossing has become as common as.... breathing! LOL Gotta do it all the freaking time...

So yeah, this is what I have been up to regarding braces and stuff. Interesting, hum?
But I truly recommend anyone this treatment, if you are not happy with the way your teeth look like. All it takes is a bit of dedication (Euros also...).

In 2 weeks from now it's IPR time again in order to create some extra space for the lower teeth to move. So yeah, I may have some "nice little gaps" in between my teeth, but it's all for a good cause! *I hope*

Ah, I almost forgot to talk about pain! And why? Because I didn't have any! :-)

So yeah, I think that's it for now.

See you soon!

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P.S.: No pics due to broken camera... :-(
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