by - Tuesday, March 22, 2016

It is always good to be back in Porty-land; to meet family and friends, eat and drink what's familiar to me, hearing people talking as loud as they can and just be "my old self".
After all, I am still a Porty.

One of the things I always long for is to just be by the Ocean, listening the waves and feeling that fresh (sometimes even cold) breeze. The air feels different...
My batteries charge better this way.
It was just great to sit there, by the Atlantic, having some nice chats with my buddies and just simply enjoying the view.
Some things are just to good to put in words...

At the moment, there is a Spring Surf Festival at this location (Costa da Caparica) and it was just nice to see so many of them fighting against the waves and doing their thing!
All pics w/ Sony a5100

And you know what? It was just great to start my time-off just like this; chilled and relaxed!
As they say:
Less is more. 

See you soon! :)

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