Signs of time

by - Monday, March 14, 2016

Do you see them?
They are all over the place...
Every day, I see them; not always in the same way, shape or form, but there is no single day that I do not realize that time is passing by.

A new gray hair.
A new wrinkle.
People calling me "m'dam" or "Mrs".
Paying taxes.
Waking up early.
Feeling sleepy at 10pm.
Worried about the future.

Worried that I may not live my life to the fullest.
Worried that I may not tell my loved ones that I do love them.
I love you!
Worried that my time may be running out.
Their time may be running out...

Do you hear the clock ticking? I do...
No, not that clock!
The one that silently ticks in the background of our daily lives and only when it's "wake up time" makes a damn loud noise that shakes you up from your inner core to the surface of you skin. And then, you realize that someone you admire, care, love, idolize or was somehow part of your life is not there any more.
Gone! Forever...

"Did I tell everything I wanted to?" the question that lingers around my mind the most.

No, I did not loose anyone in particular. Not now. Not today.
But I know I will, because time also passes for them as fast as it passes for me. We are all in the same referential... #thanksEinstein

This is the worst part of getting old.
For me it is.

I do not care about my gray hairs, my wrinkles or the bills I gotta pay as an adult. Yeah, I even call myself an adult... Damn!
But I do care about the unspoken words.

Tomorrow is just around the corner, and I just wonder: How many unspoken words will I keep for myself?!...


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