B takes the Big Apple - part 5

by - Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Ready for part 5?
This one is a special one. On my last day in NYC (excluding travel day back home) it was my birthday!!! 
Truth to be told that was the reason why I went to NY. Nice excuse, hum? ;-)
It was a combo of great factors: me not having plans for my birthday, mr.A starting his "business trip" in NYC along side one of my favorite bands! (yeah, also from Porty land).
My math-trained brain automatically said: "B, this is it! The best equation possible, so give it a go" and so I did!
Book my flight, the hotel and BAM!

Like they say "Save the best for last" and that's exactly how it felt!
After a nice day in "town" where I treated myself with some shopping (my bank account cried out loud!), eventually it was "show time"!

I had a great time!!! Loved seeing my fellow Wolfies rocking the house, sung (cof cof) as much as I could, put my Portuguese to practice and tried to make some pics. 
Here the fail starts... It was the very first time testing my Sony a5100 at a show and I had quite some troubles figuring out the best settings, especially in such low light conditions as a Moonspell  show normally offers. I hope I get better shots next time... What matters is that in my mind, I have plenty of "photos" taken of their great set!

After a short break it was time for the epicans to be on stage; as usual they put a great show.
The crowd was into it and you could hardly tell that most of them were jet-lagged! 
Here I took my time to take pics, and just so you know, I do not intent to do this on a frequent basis. But it's not every day they play on my b-day so... anyway.
After the show it was time to say goodbye, as the "business trip" had officially started.

So, I took my balloons and headed over to the hotel. It was quite weird to be all by myself, in a hotel room, in f*ck*ng NYC!!! :-) I felt grownup! LOL

But hey, enough of silly talk, and here are my pics of the evening! Yeah, no pics taken during the day... shopping was already too complicated to handle hahaha

Everybody ready for a great evening! 
My buddy during the show 
A special delivery from special friends! LOVED it!!
Pics w/ Sony a5100

And that concludes my diary of this trip to NYC!
I can honestly say: I could go back there... TOMORROW!!! hahaha

On my next post about NYC I will make some sort of "conclusions, ups and downs" and perhaps some tips and tricks.

By the way, ANY of these pictures are my property. If you would like to use them, please do NOT remove the watermark and give credits. So we can still be friends, okay? ;-)

See you soon!
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