Monday, March 07, 2016

B takes the Big Apple - part 4

Hello there!!! :)

I know... It's been ages again, I know...
But hey, better latter than never.

Ready for part 4 of NYC? It doesn't really matter that this was almost 2 months ago (insert shocking face here...), because NYC never gets old! ;-)
So, let's go!!!

First stop @ Brooklyn Bridge
Little Italy
On the way to grab something yummy...
After Chinatown, we went for Cheesecake at Eileen's Cheesecake. They've got great reviews online and I can tell they live up to them! A MUST!!!
But then we got thirsty (the boys did...) and we ended up at the Grey Dog for some refreshments. I liked the interior :-)
And then, we started our journey to Times Square.... I fell in love with buildings in this color. :-)

 On the way to get some food...
I seriously never get tired of the Empire State Building
Dinner at Bricco, we just love the place. the food is super good (though pricey) so we had to come back! I had sea food risotto and damn... it was delicious! :-)

And this was it for the day! :-)
Up next, my birthday in NYC!!!! :D

Come check it out soon!

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