Tuesday, March 22, 2016


It is always good to be back in Porty-land; to meet family and friends, eat and drink what's familiar to me, hearing people talking as loud as they can and just be "my old self".
After all, I am still a Porty.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Skincare - Wash your face!

Hello there!!

I learned my lesson when it comes to clean my face. Properly clean it, I mean.

Wearing make-up 5-6 days/week + more 10hrs/day + sensitive and dry skin = Me!
I have to confess that when it comes to taking good care of my skin I have always been on the "not so good" side of the fence. I have the tendency to be very lazy (blame it on the long working days and super short night) or even careless. 
Everybody knows that it is not good to go to sleep with make-up on and all that jazz, but sometimes I just don't feel like doing it anymore...

As a result of this misbehavior, my skin turned even more sensitive, redness was more evident regardless of how good my facial cream would be and over all, skin became drier and patchier.
I truly believe it was related to the fact that I just never did a deep cleansing.
Removing daily make-up with wipers or even micellar water was not enough; not for me at least.

It was time to change my routine; I did what I do best and did some research on how to clean your skin properly without spending to much time (time, always time....).
So I got to know all these face cleansing tools; Clinique's, Philips' and Foreo's.

I choose Foreo Luna 2 for sensitive skin (from now on called just Luna).
The idea of having fast rotating bristles on my sensitive skin did not appeal to me, even the softest bristles.
Luna doesn't have bristles! It's all silicone texture. It takes only 1 minute to clean up my whole face and I can do it even under the shower, as Luna is waterproof! Its size is super travel friendly.
I charged mine for 1.5 hrs when I got it (back in September) and did not have to charge it ever since! Yep...
To be honest, I do not use it every single day but when I do, I can feel a huge difference compared with "traditional" cleansing methods.
Top: Closeup on "Cleansing area"
Bottom: Closeup on "Anti-aging area"

My overview in bullet points:
  • Small, light, gentle, waterproof.
  • No need to exchange brush heads! One time payment and you're done!
  • Quick - only 1 minute cleaning routine
  • Skin feels clean, fresh and soft, even after first time using it! :-)
  • Anti-aging function (1 minute)
  • Several versions depending on your skin type.
  • Man version available!

How to use it:
  • Rinse your face and wet your Luna's surface.
  • Apply your preferred cleanser all over your face.
  • Glide Luna's surface with circular motions all over your face. Luna will "buzz" every time you need to move to another part of your face (15 sec/quadrant of your face)
  • Rinse when completed;
  • Use the anti-aging side for another minute.
  • Voilá! Finished.
When I use Luna on frequent basis (every single day for a few weeks in a row), I can notice that I hardly get any pimples, my skin is not as patchy or dry as before and feels a lot smoother!
Note to self: do not be lazy and do it every day!!!!

I recommend this little one to everyone who:
  1. Doesn't have much time to spend on cleansing routines
  2. Needs extra care with their skin
Price? That's the only downside of it. It is a bit expensive but see it as an investment. I paid 169Eur for mine at Douglas.nl and I consider it well spent as it does what it is suppose to.

How do you clean your face? I would love to hear it from you! :)

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

B takes the Big Apple - part 5


Ready for part 5?
This one is a special one. On my last day in NYC (excluding travel day back home) it was my birthday!!! 
Truth to be told that was the reason why I went to NY. Nice excuse, hum? ;-)
It was a combo of great factors: me not having plans for my birthday, mr.A starting his "business trip" in NYC along side one of my favorite bands! (yeah, also from Porty land).
My math-trained brain automatically said: "B, this is it! The best equation possible, so give it a go" and so I did!
Book my flight, the hotel and BAM!

Like they say "Save the best for last" and that's exactly how it felt!
After a nice day in "town" where I treated myself with some shopping (my bank account cried out loud!), eventually it was "show time"!

I had a great time!!! Loved seeing my fellow Wolfies rocking the house, sung (cof cof) as much as I could, put my Portuguese to practice and tried to make some pics. 
Here the fail starts... It was the very first time testing my Sony a5100 at a show and I had quite some troubles figuring out the best settings, especially in such low light conditions as a Moonspell  show normally offers. I hope I get better shots next time... What matters is that in my mind, I have plenty of "photos" taken of their great set!

After a short break it was time for the epicans to be on stage; as usual they put a great show.
The crowd was into it and you could hardly tell that most of them were jet-lagged! 
Here I took my time to take pics, and just so you know, I do not intent to do this on a frequent basis. But it's not every day they play on my b-day so... anyway.
After the show it was time to say goodbye, as the "business trip" had officially started.

So, I took my balloons and headed over to the hotel. It was quite weird to be all by myself, in a hotel room, in f*ck*ng NYC!!! :-) I felt grownup! LOL

But hey, enough of silly talk, and here are my pics of the evening! Yeah, no pics taken during the day... shopping was already too complicated to handle hahaha

Everybody ready for a great evening! 
My buddy during the show 
A special delivery from special friends! LOVED it!!
Pics w/ Sony a5100

And that concludes my diary of this trip to NYC!
I can honestly say: I could go back there... TOMORROW!!! hahaha

On my next post about NYC I will make some sort of "conclusions, ups and downs" and perhaps some tips and tricks.

By the way, ANY of these pictures are my property. If you would like to use them, please do NOT remove the watermark and give credits. So we can still be friends, okay? ;-)

See you soon!
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Monday, March 14, 2016

Signs of time

Do you see them?
They are all over the place...
Every day, I see them; not always in the same way, shape or form, but there is no single day that I do not realize that time is passing by.

A new gray hair.
A new wrinkle.
People calling me "m'dam" or "Mrs".
Paying taxes.
Waking up early.
Feeling sleepy at 10pm.
Worried about the future.

Worried that I may not live my life to the fullest.
Worried that I may not tell my loved ones that I do love them.
I love you!
Worried that my time may be running out.
Their time may be running out...

Do you hear the clock ticking? I do...
No, not that clock!
The one that silently ticks in the background of our daily lives and only when it's "wake up time" makes a damn loud noise that shakes you up from your inner core to the surface of you skin. And then, you realize that someone you admire, care, love, idolize or was somehow part of your life is not there any more.
Gone! Forever...

"Did I tell everything I wanted to?" the question that lingers around my mind the most.

No, I did not loose anyone in particular. Not now. Not today.
But I know I will, because time also passes for them as fast as it passes for me. We are all in the same referential... #thanksEinstein

This is the worst part of getting old.
For me it is.

I do not care about my gray hairs, my wrinkles or the bills I gotta pay as an adult. Yeah, I even call myself an adult... Damn!
But I do care about the unspoken words.

Tomorrow is just around the corner, and I just wonder: How many unspoken words will I keep for myself?!...


Monday, March 07, 2016

B takes the Big Apple - part 4

Hello there!!! :)

I know... It's been ages again, I know...
But hey, better latter than never.

Ready for part 4 of NYC? It doesn't really matter that this was almost 2 months ago (insert shocking face here...), because NYC never gets old! ;-)
So, let's go!!!

First stop @ Brooklyn Bridge
Little Italy
On the way to grab something yummy...
After Chinatown, we went for Cheesecake at Eileen's Cheesecake. They've got great reviews online and I can tell they live up to them! A MUST!!!
But then we got thirsty (the boys did...) and we ended up at the Grey Dog for some refreshments. I liked the interior :-)
And then, we started our journey to Times Square.... I fell in love with buildings in this color. :-)

 On the way to get some food...
I seriously never get tired of the Empire State Building
Dinner at Bricco, we just love the place. the food is super good (though pricey) so we had to come back! I had sea food risotto and damn... it was delicious! :-)

And this was it for the day! :-)
Up next, my birthday in NYC!!!! :D

Come check it out soon!

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