B takes the Big Apple - part 2

by - Sunday, February 07, 2016


The plan for the third day in town was to go to Haarlem which didn't happen because we took the wrong subway. Oops... One for on the "what-to-visit-next-time list".
When we hoped off at 125th street and after checking the map, we realized how closed we were from the Riverside Park. The day had started!
It was soooo windy and cold over there; unbelievable! The blue and sunny sky was so deceiving.
At a point I thought my cheeks were going to shatter to pieces.
Jersey from the Riverside Park
The only private urn in public NYC's ground 
From the Park we took our way to the Columbia University which was not so far away.
Loved the quietness over there and see some students walking around. Brought me memories....
A little break was much needed it; a nice warm cappuccino at The Hungarian Pastry Shop which was around the corner.
And then the "madness" started as we headed to the Central Park.
Amsterdam Av! haha
At the Central Park!!!
At the Strawberry fields; Imagine.
Yes; we walked ALL central Park towards Columbus Circle.... Crazy!
My first visit to the Whole Foods and probably last, because it's so damn confusing that i just rather go somewhere else. A good concept though...
And since we were at Columbus Circle and didn't walk enough (sure...), we headed towards Times Square.
Always impressive to be there and see all those crazy lights!
All photos taken with Sony Alpha 5100 w/ kit lens.

And that was it! :-)
From there, we were wise enough to get a cab to the hotel; the legs couldn't take it anymore and it was getting veeeery cold!

I hope you liked part 2. Part 3 will be online soon!!! ;-)

Have you been to these places as well?

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  1. Tão fixe, estou cheia de vontade de voltar :D Quantos dias foste? beijinhos*

    1. Ola!!
      Incluindo os dias de viagem (que na verdade n contam p nada) fui 7. Mas mesmo na cidade estive 5/6.
      Beijinhos!! :)