B takes the Big Apple - part 1

by - Wednesday, February 03, 2016


Actually, the very first day was as usual a travel and eventually a resting day.
My trip to the Big Apple was very smooth though early; loved the service on board. It was weird but great to be back in American soil. All of a sudden, it just sounds and feels like you’re part of one of your favourite movies or series. Hahaha
To listen the American accent all over was a bit surreal at the beginning. Customs passed, and I was ready to go!
Eventually, when I got to the hotel, even though I had the plan of going out right away, my body (thanks to my massive headache!) just screamed for some rest. I woke up the next day….

So, day #2 is actually the one I’m about to share with you.
This time, we stayed on a different part of the city which allowed us to check new spots. I still think that no matter how many times you go to this city, you’ll always find something new. And that’s one of the things I really like about NYC.
This time, we didn’t have to visit any museums or hot-spots (that requires ticket), so the overall feeling was a lot more relaxed. It was basically, walk around through several neighbourhoods and see where we would end up! It worked just perfectly!
Before I continue, I must warn anyone reading this post (and the future ones), that they contain a large amount of photos! J
Feel free to scroll down.

Hotel room view - morning (the Sun was still rising)
The Gramercy park
On our way to the NoHo and SoHo area
Yummy place! No, I did not get in... Temptations, temptations....
Guess this was right in front of a steakhouse.
Love this little cute buildings spread all over NYC. Much nicer than the crazy high buildings....
Like this one though I must admit I was quite fascinated about how the construction was being done.
At Bleecker street
Back to the hotel to give our feet and legs some rest and avoid the snow. This is how it looked; still don't know what that building was but I loved to stare at it....
After dinner we had a little stroll to digest the delicious food. A few blocks North, there he was; the Empire State Building! Loved to see it again, surrounded by the intriguing clouds.
And of course, the always beautiful, Chrysler Building. 

And we were officially done for our "first day" at this amazing city!
Part #2 will be online soon!!! Come check it out; it will be nice. ;-)

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