Pelos caminhos de Portugal - part 10 - Coimbra

by - Monday, January 11, 2016

Hello!! :-)

I am finally back with another chapter of our summer road trip to the North and Central part of Portugal. I know it is taking long to finish this series, but besides not always having the time, I find it nice to every now and then, go back to this amazing trip even though it has already passed so many months. It keeps all the memories alive. ;-)
But, shall we continue?

On the way to Coimbra, we had a bus switch in Viseu. It was quick (1hr) so we just headed to the city center to get some food.
Iniatly, Viseu was part of our holiday plan, but due to time constrains, we had to drop out some places to visit. But hey; there will be a second chance, some time soon! ;-)

 Coimbra - day 1:

After arriving in Coimbra, we headed to our hotel, to freshen up and get ready to go in town.
Since the hotel was very close to the Botanic garden, we decided to walk through it on the way to the city center. It was so fresh, green and relaxing. Totally recommend!
Soon after, we were at the University Campus of Coimbra, which is one of the oldest Universities in continuos operation in the world. I already knew I would love it here (my inner nerd self, was mesmerized with the Maths building entry way), but we decided to visit it in more detail on our second day (will be in a future post!).

Normally, you have castles on the highest points of cities/towns/villages. In Coimbra, you have the University. I think, this is not just a coincidence, since Coimbra lives and breathes from it. Almost everything revolves around this institution.

Walking through Coimbra little streets felt so inspiring and charming. It was definitely a huge challange for our tired legs and feet, but hey; no pain no gain!
As the day was slowly getting to an end, it was about time to find a place to eat, and we made a reservation at a very traditional and well known restaurant, downtown, called "O Trovador".
We didn't know, but there was a live fado show planned, and it was our very first time to listen to fado live. Not only the food was delicious, the music was equally good. We both left with full stomachs, warm souls, me with crying eyes but overall, happy with the amazing evening we just had.
So, if you are ever in Coimbra, do yourself a favor and go to "O Trovador" restaurant. Here's the contact information: Click

Here are some photos of our first evening in Coimbra; I hope you enjoy it!

I will come back soon with the second part of our days in Coimbra. It is a beautiful city totally worth the to visit!
Come check the blog soon for more detailed info. ;-)

See you soon!!!

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