Monday, January 04, 2016

Invisalign - Tray 1 & 2

Hello there! :-)

So, today I've got a little update on my Invisalign journey.

First two weeks impressions:
  • Week #1 day 1 & 2: Mouth extremely dry and sore inner lips caused by the attachments every time I had to eat and talked without the trays on.
  • Broke the first attachment on the second day of wearing Invisalign. Apparently, Invisalign does not check if the position of the attachments could lead to conflict while biting/eating. 
  • Week #1 day 1-4: Removing the aligners feels like you are pulling all your teeth out but it doesn't hurt.
  • Switching from set #1 to set #2 it felt very tight... Imagine you just bought a pair of jeans that are 2 sizes smaller than what you should have. That's how my teeth felt in set #2! hahah
  • Day 2 of set#2 was the first time I felt pain. My teeth were sore, specially the lower ones. Couldn't bite on food but after 1 paracetamol, all got fine. From that point on, everything smooth!

As time goes by, the aligners are not super tight anymore and it's a lot easier to remove/put them back in. Even though I thought my speech had changed, it seems that nobody notices anything.
I also thought that everyone could notice my attachments and braces while talking but I was wrong! And yes, I do have some attachments on my front teeth (not the middle ones).

To keep them clean, I use a baby tooth brush (it reaches the smaller places much easier than an adult brush) and a bit of tooth paste. Nothing fancy but I haven't noticed any coloration so far. I'm just following the instructions that came with the Starter Kit.

I knew what I was getting into but brushing my teeth&aligners every single time I eat (which reduced from 6 to 4 times/day) is a bit annoying!
Do it on public restrooms becomes even more awkward. You get funny looks but nobody says a word (so far...).
My purse became a portable mouth cleaning kit; everywhere I go I need to carry:
  • Tooth brush + paste
  • Flossers
  • Aligners's case
And yeah, say good bye to unexpected snacking/drinking. Everything has to be planed.
On the other hand, I try to keep it as relaxed as possible, as I don't want to be a "slave" of these braces. As long as I carry my "cleaning kit" everywhere, all is fine.
After a while, you just get used to it and to the looks you get... hahaha

While wearing the aligners, I just can't bite my lips (you know... remove dry patches... I know it's not good!) or nails! So, finally, they are slowly getting back to a much better size and shape.
But because I wash my hands so much more now, my skin is super dry. I will soon become one the biggest hand-cream customers of my local drugstore...

But for those who are wondering how the first two sets of aligners look, here they are:
I honestly do not see a major difference between set 1 and 2, but if there's something I can point out is the slightly movement of my two front upper teeth.

I did get my first session of IPR done (a procedure to file a bit of your teeth's enamel to make them "slimmer" so they have more room to move) and it was not painful though uncomfortable. No need to be afraid! ;-)

At the moment, tray #3 is almost over; it's going fast.... :)

Soon, I will come back with more info/updates.
If you have any questions, please, leave them in the comments section below.

See you soon!!
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  1. Apre, não parece lá muito cómodo, mas o efeito depois compensa :)
    Beijinhos e feliz 2016!


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