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by - Thursday, January 07, 2016

Hello!! :-)

Today is all about keep lips smooth.
I don't know about you, but my lips are 9/10 times super dry and chapped. No matter how much lip balm I apply, it just doesn't get better.
Measures had to be taken...

Around the Holiday season, Lush had their limited edition Lip Scrub called Santa's, with a nice mix of coca-cola and cherry. Such flavor I can only notice after wash away the remaining of the scrub after rubbing it on my lips for as long as necessary.
The little hearts are so cute and I like to see them as an extra touch of love to my lips. hahaha
I use the scrub in circular motions, using my fingers and whatever is left, I just rub both top and lower lip together. It is a tough job not to lick on the lips all the time when they taste this good! hahaha
Goodie bag!
Pics taken w/ Sony a5100 w/ kit lens

As a finishing touch, I apply a generous coat of lip balm, whatever I am currently using.

I tried to do this every week, but honestly, I tend to forget. Here's one item for the 2016-resolutions list.... ;-)

What do you do to kip your lips smooth?
I would love to know your tips.

See you soon!
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  1. Eu costumo usar uma escova-de-dentes à parte para esfoliar os lábios, e aplicar batôm de cieiro logo de seguida. Mas adoro esfoliantes e não me importava nada de experimentar esse.

  2. love this! ^^