Pelos caminhos de Portugal - part 9 - Palácio Mateus

by - Monday, December 14, 2015

Olá!! :-)

As I had written on my previous post about our stay in Vila Real, besides relaxing we went to Palácio Mateus, which is just a bus drive away from the city center. I believe it took approximately 20min to get there.
I was not sure if I had been there in the past, but I did know that it was a beautiful place to visit.
At the Palace, they have their own orchard where they grow all kinds of fruits which will be used for private matters but also in their own made Jams. Every time I visit Portugal,my suitcase is filled with these jam jars; the tomato jam is a huge success here at home! haha
We also had a stroll through the vineyards, gardens and the Palace itself. Unfortunately, we could not visit the whole Palace since there is still a family living there.
A guided tour through the Palace and Chapel was arranged and we could see how beautiful they are on the inside. Due me only having my phone with me, the quality of the pictures was not so fantastic, that's why you won't see any of them in this post. Sorry.
The Palace's gardens are equally beautiful with many different flowers. I think the best time to visit them is around Spring and not in July/August when it's damn warm...

Here's Palácio Mateus; I hope you like as much as we did! :-)
Pictures with Samsung A3

Whenever you are in Vila Real and need a place to eat, please do yourself a favor and stop by at Terra da Montanha restaurant (click here).
The service is great but the food is beyond what words can describe! They also have a great selection of wines. Perhaps, we had our best meals over there...... Yummie!

On the next chapter of our road trip we start our journey to Coimbra!

See you soon! :)

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