Pelos caminhos de Portugal - part 8 - Vila Real

by - Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Olá!!! :-)

Ready for Vila Real??
Well, back in Vila Real we didn't do much for two reasons:
  • Too tired; legs and feet were crying out loud for some time off.
  • Not much to do in there.
With this saying, it does not mean that Vila Real has nothing nice to visit or see. On the contrary!
The way to and out of Vila Real is just breathtaking, as you drive through the mountains; Serra do Marão.  You have beautiful views to the Douro river and the vineyards along the river.
It is just soooo beautiful to see how everything is planted and how organize it looks. almost like a painting.

In Vila Real we stayed at the best hotel of the whole trip (Hotel Miracorgo), which turned out to be just great because we were in huge need of some comfort. The facilities were great if you need to rest and don't do much. A little swim was also possible! 

Even though Vila Real is the capital of the province Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro, it is cozy and rather small. Over there we had great meals and wine! Mr. man became a huge fan of the regional wine! Plus points for me! hahaha
I still think that the extra kilos I've gained during the whole vacation came from there! hahaha
During the only full day we had in town we went visiting the Palácio Mateus, which is just a little bus trip away. The palace is soooo beautiful; we had a tour and were mesmerized!
My favorite jams are made with fruits coming from this Palace!!! :)
But hey, enough talking and let me show you some of the pictures. 
 While driving to Vila Real, through Serra do Marão
View from our Hotel 
Vila Real's center 

 Serra do Marão seen from Vila Real. Despite the clouds it was very warm!
Up next: Palácio Mateus!! 

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