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by - Saturday, November 28, 2015


Are you ready to talk fitness?? ;-)

How annoying is to be at the gym, minding your own business while working out, and having people staring at you or even coming to talk to you with "silly talks"?!
Yeah, it happened... and I don't like it.
What does make some people think that just because you're there that you have a "2nd agenda"?!
It is a fact that some people go to the gym not really to work out but to just socialize or even
to try to find a girl/boyfriend. That's fine for them, but just let me be...

After some thought and experiments, I came to a very nice solution that sort of "repels" those guys at the gym that think they can actually get something from you.
The solution was right there, in my closet.
I'm talking about those "bad ass" (some, even ugly one could say) metal festival (or band) t-shirts!

I have quite some of these t-shirts, thanks to my man's job, lying around totally useless.
Unless I'm doing a major cleaning in the house or moving houses, I won't wear them but now, they have a new purpose/mission!

It works like a wonder (unless your gym is full with metalheads!)!

Here some examples:

Put one of these on and nobody will even dare to say a word!

Don't get me wrong; I'm no anti-social or whatsoever, but I just don't like to be bothered. :-)
I go to the gym to work out and that's it!

If you don't have any of these t-shirts then I wish you good luck...
No matter what, go work out, get active and stay in shape!
Your body and mind will appreciate (and maybe even your ego/self-esteem, in case you hear
unwanted compliments every now and then).

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