Pelos caminhos de Portugal - part 6 - Guimarães day 2

by - Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hey there!! :-)
After a little break, I am ready to continue reporting our trip to the North of Portugal and today, I would like to finish up the Guimarães chapter.
As you may have seen on my previous post, the city center is just beyond charming and it totally brings you back to old Historical times. If you don't know what I am talking about, please check out this post.
Day #2 in Guimarães:
  • Cable car trip to Santuário da Penha; a breathtaking spot with marvelous views over the city and surroundings.
  • Visited the Ducal Palace.
At both locations we walked a LOT, so legs were very heavy at the end of the day and seriously asking for some rest.
So, without further dues, here are some of the pictures taken during this exhausting but marvelous day:
All pics taken with Samsung A3
On the next post, I will share info about where to eat in Guimarães (plenty of good options!) and show you how our trip to Vila Real was.
One of the good things about doing this posts, is that I have the chance to look at all those amazing places we visited and great memories run through my mind! #loveit
I will do my best to get the next episode online ASAP!
See you soon!

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