Pelos caminhos de Portugal - part 4 - Braga City Center

by - Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Hello!! ;-)

How did you like the first post about Braga? The views from the Bom Jesus are just breathtaking, imo. Oh, in case you missed it, here you are: Click Here

Today, I would like to show you a bit of what we saw while walking km's and km's through the streets of Braga. We had no route planned, only a touristic map from the city center, so basically, we tried to see as much as we could, without killing ourselves from walking. Well... that was a close call! whaha ;-) #dramamoment

The city center still has many old (but renovated) buildings, with nice architecture. I am a big fan of such cities; it makes the more charismatic and also more inviting. I personally don't like modern buildings (NYC is an exception!), and in that sense, Braga was a winner.
Like many other towns in the northern part of Portugal, Braga has many churches and palaces; if I look at the map, I count:
  • 10 churches
  • 1 Sé 
  • 2 palaces
and some other important buildings.
I tried to gather just some pictures, so you get an idea of how beautiful Braga is! I totally recommend visiting it.
Let's get started! 
Arco da Porta Nova
We had dinner here on our first evening - Café Vianna
Saint Barbara's Gardens - :-)
An Happy hour powered by Super Bock, right in front of Braga's Sé
Loved the sky!
More info on Braga's Sé here.
Unfortunately, inside most churches, my phone could not capture their beauty, so no pics... #Ihavetobuyapropercamera
After all the walking and sightseeing, we had some stops here and there, to recharge and fill our stomachs. As we are both food enthusiasts, Braga gave us a nice kick off of what our all holiday would turn out: great food, great wine, and some extra kilos when we stepped on the weighing scale... #dontwanttotalkaboutthat
So, here are the places where we had great food and I totally recommend!
  • Where to eat or grab a nice drink?
These are the places where we had dinners, but there are plenty more. We were very happy with our meals, so I recommend them in case you are ever in Braga.

Café Vianna

Taberna do Migaitas (here we had a MARVELOUS goatling prepared in the oven... I almost cried!)

Domus Vinum: nice wine house with large wine selection, but they also serve cocktails.

Spirito Cupcakes & Coffee: the name says it all! Buuuut, they have amazing ice-cream over there. A must stop if you ask me.

And this is what we had:
Bacalhau à Portuguesa @ Café Vianna
The best ice-cream in town @ Spirito
Cabrito assado - the one that almost made me cry
sweets at the best pastry place in town: Tíbias de Braga

And that was it; Braga treated us very well and we were super happy to have visited this town. It has been on "the places to visit in Portugal" list for a very long time; check! :-)

If you have the chance, please stop go and visit Braga yourself!

Up next: Guimarães!
See you soon! :-)

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  1. Gosto muito de Braga e de Guimarães, onde vivi durante 6 meses :)
    Em resposta à tua pergunta, até agora só experimentei as sombras e o eyeliner uma vez mas gostei!