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by - Sunday, September 13, 2015

Hi there!!!

How have you been? :-) Shall we talk about fitness or getting back in shape? 

Well, everyone has his/her reasons to work out or not; I have always been a very active person, especially in my youth, but along the way I sort of stopped doing sports. I have talked about this here.
Lucky me, my genetics helped me out throughout these years, but you know, sometimes genetics aren't enough and you sort of start feeling uncomfortable with your shape or condition. Some people keep complaining about it and never do anything to change, others get business done! I decided to join the second group of people and subscribed to a gym.
It's not just a gym, it's like a Club where you can do all kinds of activities and even wellness, such as a sauna and a Turkish bath, but these I have not tried yet. There's also a swimming pool and TONS of group lessons.

I have started one month ago, and the first days were very tough; let's be real, last time I did some serious sports had been about 14 years ago... 
But it's never too late to turn things around as long as you make the effort for it. I always said I didn't have the time for it and so on, but you know what?! I actually do! It's all about motivation, planning and compromising. How many times do we get out of bed earlier because there's something important to be done?! If we apply this to other things in life then there are no excuses to not do what you really want to.
And so I did and have been feeling great ever since!

My training consists of 40/50min of cardio and some specific muscle/power exercises for abs and shoulders (this is my weakest point and the one needs more attention), which last for about 45/50min as well, depending on how fast I can do them. I do go to the gym 3 times a week, but maybe in the future, I add one extra day.
Anyway, the plan was made based on my requests and together with a PT which happens to be a physiotherapist (extra point!) and for me, that's very important. I was always a bit afraid of doing the wrong exercises and get injured and so far, after one month, I felt sore a couple of days but that's it!

I found out to be a huge fan of the treadmill and rowing machine! hahaha 
For me, it's not about the number of calories I need/want to burn but it's more about getting my heart and lung capacity in much better shape and at this point, I already notice some improvement.
Also worth to mention, every single time I come out of the gym, I feel so much more energetic (and I go there after a working day!!), happy and willing to do things. 
Is it addictive?!  hahaha

At this point, I am not forced to change my diet, since my goal is not to loose weight and I honestly think I have a very healthy diet (and diverse). So, unless I'm told otherwise, I keep eating the same way. 
Just a couple of days ago I double checked, and so far, did not lose any kgs! Yuppie!!!

So, what I would like to tell everyone who reads this, is just, take the lead to your life and do things that you want to do but always find a way to postpone it. It is very important we live the NOW and do the best we can to keep ourselves in shape; for some may be easier than others but that should never keep you away from doing it. ;-)

I am very happy that I took this step and hopefully, you will do the same!

P.S.: and what about the amount of great sports clothes&accessories out there?! whaha Interested in a fitness fashion post? Leave a comment!

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  1. Eu fiz agora um workout muito jeitoso, de elevação de 2 grandes croissants até à boca.............
    Beijinhos :)

    1. hahahaha Espero que tenha corrido bem! :)