Pelos caminhos de Portugal - pt3 - Braga

by - Friday, August 28, 2015

Hello again!! :-)

Shall we visit (revisit in my case) Braga together? I can guarantee you that it's a beautiful town, full of nice places to check out, historical or religious, good restaurants and pubs.
Braga is a very young city; you can feel it. Anywhere you go, you see young people. I like it! Gives me the impression that the city is alive. 
During our 2-day stay in Braga, we visit the main attractions, as I will show you in the pictures below, but we sure had to walk a lot and wake up "early".

Because I have too many nice pictures to share with you, I will divide into two posts. Let's start with the Bom Jesus, a very well known Sanctuary in Braga with terrific views over the city and mountains, but on its own is already impressive.

On the next post, I will "show you around" Braga's city center as well as recommendations on where to grab a bite or refreshment.

Welcomed in Braga with this beautiful sunset
All pics were taken with Samsung A3
  • Suggestions/ advise:
To visit Bom Jesus, you better take a bus, since it's quite far from the city center. The ticket is less than 2Eur/pp; the problem is that you can't trust the schedules... Basically, we went to the bus stop and just waited for the right bus. I even asked a local and he said: "oh... the schedules are just for decoration". Enough said.
Oh, still about the Bom Jesus; take the escalator! You do not want to climb all those stairs, especially not on a Summer day... you're welcome! A return ticket costs 2Eur, but if you just want one way then it's cheaper.
People from Braga (and Portugal in general) are very helpful; most people speak English, which can be handy if you don't speak Portuguese.
Now that you have seen a bit of what Bom Jesus area is like, please come back to check out the rest of the city and get some more info about this beautiful town.
Oh, don't forget to give your feedback and while you are at it, just subscribe/follow the blog. I would appreciate. ;-)
See you soon!

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