Pelos caminhos de Portugal - pt2 - LISBOA

by - Monday, August 17, 2015

Hello!!! :-)

The first stop of this little tour was Lisboa; my beautiful Lisboa.
I wrote about how much I love this city before (here and here), but the good thing about Lisboa is that it is constantly changing, with new places to check out, nice events popping here and there, and no matter how many times I will visit Lisboa, I know for sure that I will always love it.

So, I have heard from a friend, that on the day we had reserved for Lisbon there was a cool event happening downtown, called "Tascas at Cais". 
Knowing that Mr.A did not know yet what a Tasca was, we agreed on having a crash course of "What is a Tasca?".

It was a success!!

A Tasca is basically a little tavern, where typical Portuguese snacks are served along with some cold drinks or even wine; the decor is not so important and kept very traditional.

At this site, with a privileged view over the Tagus river, we could find several "tascas", serving all kind of snacks. The offer was so large and diverse that it made it veeeeery difficult to choose just a few. After all, we were not there to have dinner, but just to snack... sure...

In the end, these were the dishes we picked out:

Pataniscas de bacalhau / Codfish fritters.
 Salada de polvo / Octupus cold salad
Chicken saté (spicy!!!)

Unfortunately, we could not try all the other delicacies that were available, but damn.... These were really good!!! And of course, we had to eat them along with some good cold Portuguese beer; Super Bock was the sponsor of this event.

It was very difficult to leave the place, as the vibe, the food, the drinks and the view were just way too nice, but eventually, it was time for us to go, but we will come back (as you will read in on of the last posts of this series)!

So, as we say in Portuguese: 
Até breve, Lisboa!
The opposite side of Lisboa.
Just another beautiful sunset in Lisboa

All pictures were taken with Samsung A3.

Up next: Braga!

See you soon!
Miss B.

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