Saturday, August 08, 2015


Hello blogging World!!

It's been ages since I last wrote something over here.
No reason not to write, except lack of time and inspiration. Nothing really significant happened that was worth to share. But that's about to change!
If there is still anyone out there who reads this blog, I have got some post planned for the upcoming weeks!! :-)

Subjects you can expect:

  • Travel: expect some information about my Summer vacation in my beautiful country; pictures, tips, places to visit and eat, will be featured in future posts
  • Cooking: new recipes coming your way!! :-) #yummie
  • Fitness: Yeah, I recently subscribed to a gym and I'm really thrilled to share this journey! 

On another note, I would really like to stick with the view that brought me to this blog: write about my experiences as a Portuguese living abroad. After all, that's what a Porty's diary should be.
So, if you are curious about what's coming up, please stay tuned and check this page in the upcoming days!

I will make big effort to post more frequently, but, in the end, blogging is just a hobby of mine; not my job! When time allows, inspiration or subject to share is there, I will share it. ;-)


See you soon!
Miss B


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