Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Damn scared!

How can one not be worried?!...
News are popping out all over, of another plane crash, this time, close enough to me to scare the hell out of me.
First, let's take a moment for those lives that were lost and their families that must be devastated....

A friend travels this route and airline frequently... scary!
Just a few days of myself and my loved one going up in the air, separate ways, it makes me even more scared and fear the worse...
When you realize that your parking spot at the airport was more expensive than the flight ticket, it puts everything in perspective!
Can we trust?!
Shall we say goodbye before boarding an airplane?!
Shall we live in fear of the worst?!....

they say it's one of the safest ways of traveling, which could very well be, but damn... when something is wrong.... you can't tell the story afterwards....
I am honestly scared to board on my next flight, and also very concerned about my loved one....
God forbids something happens to any of us....

Crossing my fingers that I get to PT in one piece, alive and kicking, and hoping that my man will rock those Greeks, safe and sound!

May those people's souls rest in peace.



Monday, March 02, 2015

Valentine to the unknown

From the title it sounds already something romantic, right?
Well, that was the whole point of our weekend away; it all started with the need of going somewhere else. I love city trips, weekends away, that kind of stuff. Somehow, I always end up in big cities, which is cool, but this time, I thought about going somewhere less crowded.
Germany is right across the street (not literally, of course) and it has so much to offer that it seemed a nice option.
Germany is also know for it's beautiful castles, among other things, but the most impressive ones are in the Bavaria region which was a bit "out of hand" for a short trip plan.
But thanks to Google, I found the beautiful village of Cochem (click here if you want to know more details), not far away and on the pictures it seemed to have all I had in mind.
I had my doubts.... but I was soooo wrong!!

We had a marvelous weekend; people were very friendly, there were wine shops all over the place, which makes perfect sense as Cochem is known for its Mosel wine.
Ohhhh... we sure helped the local economy... hahaha

Anyway, without further dues, here are some pics we took during our stay.
I hope you like it!

Totally recommend it!

Cochem seen from the other side of Mosel river

One of the many beautiful buildings over there

View from the Castle

On our way to the Castle; it was quite a climb....

More nice buildings

At the Market square

Part of our view form the hotel room; the other side was the river... <3

It seems they have been struggling with floods...
At the Castle, in some sort of "patio"
I have got many more pics; let me know if you like to see more of Cochem!

Enjoy your day!!!


Sunday, March 01, 2015


While I prepare the next entry on this so left aside blog, here's the song that I'm listening right now!
Somehow, this always brightens up my mood. Thanks RiRi!!

Do you have a song that always cheers you up, every time you listen to it??

Up next:
Our Valentine Weekend away - post!!! ;)

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