Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sorte danada...

Lost count for how long my sunglasses have been lying around in my car; totally useless as it has been a terrible weather over here. But they were there, waiting to be used, waiting for the snow/rain to go away.
They were tired of waiting so I decided to bring them home.

This morning, after a night of rain and so on, I start my drive to work and BAM!!! There's the sun, shining bright, almost blinding me...
I reached for my sunglasses and guess what?! Not there....

Yeah, good timing!


Monday, February 16, 2015

Follow your instincts!

Monday, after a marvelous weekend far away from all the Carnival madness that was going on in town.
No traffic, empty parking lot, coffee machines switched off...
That's the moment you realize that your first thought was correct:

"I want to stay in the bed the whole day"

Soon, I will share some pictures of the place I visited this weekend! Such a beautiful little village!

Stay tuned!
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