Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Invisible bonds

That's what we had...
I hope those who shared the same blood as you, do not mind I'm bring you to this internet world, but I have to tell how amazing you were, even though we did not share the same blood or name.
It does not matter; it never did!
You welcomed me in your life and family, in the warmest way anyone could ask for.
There was no need for paperwork; you opened your arms, held me tight (like no one I know does or ever did) and smiled at me... I knew that no matter what, you cared about me as if I was one of yours, and the feeling was (is!) mutual. I cared about you perhaps more than some people who actually share the same blood or name as me.
Those are the great invisible bonds that only great people allow you to have, and for that, I will always be grateful that you crossed my path.
I am sure that a lot of people will miss you; you touched some many people's hearts with your kindness,temperament and great, great heart. You were one of kind...
Maybe some people were wondering why do I cry if we're not even "real family", but the answer is easy: I know exactly how it feels when you loose someone as great as you, and I know how much it hurts; I just wished others did not have to feel that pain....

I will keep close to me all the amazing moments we shared, and bedankt!

Till we meet again....



Saturday, January 17, 2015

One, two... One, two... Testing...

Yes, it still works and there's still a Porty on this side of the screen trying to update this online diary, but life does not always cooperate. Or shall I just be honest and say I should work on my time management skills?! :-D

Oh well.... We're already half way this month of January in a new year and as the saying says: New Year, New Life (at least in Portuguese it says that).
But so far, nothing has changed much, which does not mean that important things didn't happen. They sure did....

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