Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday

I lost count on how many emails I've got with discounts for today's Black Friday!
Buuuuut I will not buy anything!
Source: Google

It's actually getting annoying, every 10/15min, a new email "Oh, we've got 20% off just for you", "Free Shipping!!!" "You can't lose this chance" "Use this PROMO code".... bla bla bla
In other years, I would take advantage of these disocunts but this year is different!
My shopping is focused on the new house, and until we move in, no shopping for me!
Not that I don't have a wishlist or things in mind, I do, but I prefer to wait.
In other words:
Thanks, but no thanks!

What about you? Are you going crazy shopping today??

Enjoy your Friday!!! :)


  1. Same here! I didn't buy anything and my email was completely flooded with those "discounts" messages. Really annoying!


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