Easy questions, difficult answers

by - Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Moving to a different country as shown me how much I love my own country. A nice eye-opener, if you ask me.
I find myself thinking more and more about the good things about Porty-land than the not so good. Some may say that I just miss home, but where's home anyway?

It got to the point that I don't know what to answer when people ask "Where are you from?"
What do they actually mean?
Where was I born or where do I live?
It seems easy to answer but it actually isn't. I end up explaining the whole story, which is totally fine, but the truth is that sometimes it feels like I'm from nowhere...
Weird feeling...

It gets even more interesting, when you just realize you don't want move out of the town that welcomed you once you left your homeland...
Has this town became my hometown? If so, should I answer "I come from M-town"? Will that mean that this is "where I come from"??

When abroad, if you're asked where are you form, you will reply "I'm from X", where X is the country where you were born. Makes sense, but if I do that, people will automatically think that I'm on holiday, over here, which is totally not true...
I get to be on holiday when I go back to Porty-land.

I know what I am, and which nationally I have, but if I keep on explaining the whole 9 yards every time some asks me such an easy question, will I ever belong to this country where I live now?...

Where are you from?!

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  1. Mmm, to me you're a Porty from M-town!!!

  2. Essa é sempre a pergunta difícil de responder! è isso e os formulários que pedem "home address". Where's home? ;)