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by - Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Hello there!!

Finally, I've got some time to write and therefore, I decided to share with you the beauty products I used the most during my summer vacation. This made them my "Summer Loves"!

All these products, worked perfectly under warm sunny days, back in Porty-land.

Let's get started:

1.   Primer: The POREfessional by Benefit.
2.   Foundation: Endless Stay Make-up by Manhattan in #66 Beige
3.   Powders: Prime and Fine Waterproof by Catrice; Unifying powder healthy balance by Bourjois in #53 Leight Beige
4.   Blush: Blush up! by Essence in #10 Heat wave
5.   Mascara: The ROCKET Volum' Express waterproof by Maybelline
6.   Lips: Shine Edition by Bourjois in #20
7.   Nails: p2 Color Victim in #998 All about blue; W.I.C by HerÔme #105 Lisbon
8.   Tools: DM "beauty blender"

Loved these babies!! :D

  • No news that I simple adore Benefit's primer and Maybellin's mascara so, it's quite obvious these would be listed.
  • The foundation was a good surprise, though in the beginning with had our issues, specially regarding application. All was solved once I realized that the best way to apply it is using a sponge, like a Beauty Blender, or anything like that. The one I have is from the house brand from DM (a German Drugstore) which costs less than 4€ and works just fine! Also, this foundation is very cheap (< 5€) and holds on the whole day! 
  • I was glad to see that Catrice's powder is really waterproof and stays the whole day. If you are in a warm place, where you might sweat quite some, this is a good product! It worked for me, even though I don't normally sweat that much.
  • Ever since I got Essence's blush (maybe 3months ago?!), I use it every single day... No more words need it, I believe. ;-)
  • Bourjois' lipstick looks very nice once you've got a little tan; perfect light orange/salmon color with a nice shine. It doesn't last that long on my lips, but so far haven't found any lipstick that does...
  • If you are a Porty and own a nail polish called Lisbon, than you don't even need to wear it to love it; but I actually wore it and love it!! Most probably, not the "in your face summer shade", but I just love the deep purple shade with pink sparkle in it!
  • The blue nail polish by p2 just looks amazing on its own, but under water, in the ocean, looks even better! Loved it!!!
Where to buy:

All in all, I tried to take as less make-up products with me as possible and these were the ones that stood out, throughout my vacation.
Easy and fast application is key when on vacation! I don't want to spend a whole lot of time in front of the mirror.

Do you own any of these products?
Which products were your favorites?

I would love to read your opinions!

Till soon! ;-)

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