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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Os sonhos de cada um

(If you don't speak Portuguese, please use translation tool)

Andava eu a ler as notícias, as interessantes e as menos interessantes também, quando me deparo com a seguinte afirmação:
Ela tem 20 anos, é viciada em roupa e sonha vir a ser stripper.
Isto é uma afirmação feita sobre uma das concorrentes da Casa dos Segredos. Ora, comecemos pelo princípio.

1. Não assisto TV Portuguesa
2. Como consequência do primeiro ponto, não vejo a Casa dos Segredos
3. Cada um tem os sonhos que quer

No entanto, não me deixa de espantar que alguém com 20 anos tenha tal ambição.
Tenho o maior respeito pelas pessoas que fazem strip, seja lá por que motivo for, e percebo também que não temos que ser todos Doutores e Engenheiros. Certo, mas... Até que ponto vai isto?!

Custa assim tanto, as pessoas sonharem um pouquinho mais alto? Ok, custa, temos que fazer sacrifícios, temos que estudar, não optamos pelo caminho mais fácil (sim, porque tirar a roupa qualquer um tira!), mas e que tal desenvolver aquilo que nos diferencia uns dos outros e das outras espécies, aquela coisa chamada massa cinzenta, que costuma estar dentro do crânio; estão a ver?
Talvez esta menina não saiba o que isso é...

E o paizinho e a mãezinha desta menina, não dizem nada? Ou também estão lá sentadinhos na bancada a torcer para que ela concretize o seu sonho, ficar famosa assim sem muito esforço e seja uma Stripper de alto gabarito?!

Sabem o que me deixa mais triste?
É que na altura em que eramos miúdos, quando nos perguntavam o que queriamos ser quando fossemos grandes as respostas mais comuns eram:
1. Médico
2. Astronauta
3. Músico
4. Mecânico
5. Engenheiro

And so on....

Também haviam aqueles que respondiam "Reformado" ou "Rico" mas lá no fundo, no fundo, todos sabíamos que era brincadeira.
De uma coisa tenho certeza: não me lembro vez alguma de alguém ter dito "O meu sonho é ser Stripper".

Foi a isto que chegamos?...


Source: O Sonho de cada um.

P.S. Sorry for my absence... I will be back (just like Schwarzenegger! LOL)!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Warning: Best Chocolate Cake EVER!!


Today, I bring you a recipe of what is by far, the best chocolate cake I remember making or even eating!!
Super yummie & smooth.
It's not one of the easiest to make but it's most definitely worth it, specially if you are a chocolate lover! *guilty*.... ;-)
I got this recipe from Pinterest (what a surprise...).

To achieve this, you will need:


Thursday, September 11, 2014

A very special TBT

The day is filled with sad thoughts, but I do have good memories from this day.
Read more here.

Click on me!!
Dus, het is alweer drie jaren dat ik in Nederland woont!! Tijd vliegt....
Ik vind Nederland een super mooie land om te leven maar het is niet perfect; maar is er een perfect land in deze wereld?...
Excuseer voor mijn slechte  Nederlands; dat moet ik wel oefenen...

Time to celebrate!!!
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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

The circus is in town!

I remember, back in the day, when a new circus would be in town, it was total madness. At school, all kids wanted to go, they even organized school trips to the circus.
That wasn't enough; always tried to convince relatives to come with me to the circus.
Attracted by those who would travel the World (I thought they would, at least....), with their tricks, wild animals and acrobats, performing to all of us, day by day, evening after evening, not stop!
The lights, the tent, the colors, the music.... everything was a big attraction and reason enough to go (or try at least).

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Monday, September 08, 2014

TECH | My new gadget - laptop/tablet

Before the vacation, I had to get a new laptop as my old one was way too old. I knew I didn't need a super powerful laptop; for what I use it (outside work) a tiny little one, with office and some apps was more than enough.
The idea of having a table also popped to my mind, but I wanted to have Windows and also the advantages of a laptop.
Guess what?! I found an amazing 2-in-1!!
Without further dues, let me present you the ASUS Transformer Book!!


Sunday, September 07, 2014

Um drama....

Com tantos cabelos bons, porque raio só esses é que caem e os sacanas dos brancos ficam cá todos?!

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Saturday, September 06, 2014

Back to basics!

And today, I finally, grab a piece of paper, a pen, write notes, read notes and simply, start studying again!

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It feels good to be back to study mode. This time is not Dutch related, but Mathematics/Statistics.
You know when you've this feeling that you need some refresh on certain subjects? Well, I had it, and therefore, it was time to make a move and just go back to basics.
Starting slowly but regularly is the key!

Never stop learning!!

Thursday, September 04, 2014

TBT - Memories from....


Grand Place, Brussels - January 2010

My stay in there was a life changer; an amazing experience that I totally advise.
If you are a student, go on Erasmus and you will not regret it!
Will never forget the surprised faces of colleagues, professors, family and friends once they were aware of my decision.

It was not an easy decision or experience, but it was totally worth it.

Should pay a visit one of these days.

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Beauty | Summer Loves

Hello there!!

Finally, I've got some time to write and therefore, I decided to share with you the beauty products I used the most during my summer vacation. This made them my "Summer Loves"!

All these products, worked perfectly under warm sunny days, back in Porty-land.

Let's get started:

1.   Primer: The POREfessional by Benefit.
2.   Foundation: Endless Stay Make-up by Manhattan in #66 Beige
3.   Powders: Prime and Fine Waterproof by Catrice; Unifying powder healthy balance by Bourjois in #53 Leight Beige
4.   Blush: Blush up! by Essence in #10 Heat wave
5.   Mascara: The ROCKET Volum' Express waterproof by Maybelline
6.   Lips: Shine Edition by Bourjois in #20
7.   Nails: p2 Color Victim in #998 All about blue; W.I.C by HerÔme #105 Lisbon
8.   Tools: DM "beauty blender"

Loved these babies!! :D

  • No news that I simple adore Benefit's primer and Maybellin's mascara so, it's quite obvious these would be listed.
  • The foundation was a good surprise, though in the beginning with had our issues, specially regarding application. All was solved once I realized that the best way to apply it is using a sponge, like a Beauty Blender, or anything like that. The one I have is from the house brand from DM (a German Drugstore) which costs less than 4€ and works just fine! Also, this foundation is very cheap (< 5€) and holds on the whole day! 
  • I was glad to see that Catrice's powder is really waterproof and stays the whole day. If you are in a warm place, where you might sweat quite some, this is a good product! It worked for me, even though I don't normally sweat that much.
  • Ever since I got Essence's blush (maybe 3months ago?!), I use it every single day... No more words need it, I believe. ;-)
  • Bourjois' lipstick looks very nice once you've got a little tan; perfect light orange/salmon color with a nice shine. It doesn't last that long on my lips, but so far haven't found any lipstick that does...
  • If you are a Porty and own a nail polish called Lisbon, than you don't even need to wear it to love it; but I actually wore it and love it!! Most probably, not the "in your face summer shade", but I just love the deep purple shade with pink sparkle in it!
  • The blue nail polish by p2 just looks amazing on its own, but under water, in the ocean, looks even better! Loved it!!!
Where to buy:

All in all, I tried to take as less make-up products with me as possible and these were the ones that stood out, throughout my vacation.
Easy and fast application is key when on vacation! I don't want to spend a whole lot of time in front of the mirror.

Do you own any of these products?
Which products were your favorites?

I would love to read your opinions!

Till soon! ;-)
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