From Frankfurt with love

by - Friday, August 01, 2014

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to visit Frankfurt for the first time.
I had no idea what to expect from it, didn't do any research, didn't know the highlights or the must-see spots. The idea was just to relax, walk around and see what I'd bump in to.

A nice & interesting movie ad, in the streets of Frankfurt! \m/
Surprisingly, Frankfurt it's quite a nice city, huge, with a mix of old buildings and skyscrapers. My impression is that, it's that kind of city not meant to be touristic but functional; where business happens.
As with many other big cities; Frankfurt has quite some homeless people, walking (or even lying around), right there, in your face, in the city center... Not a nice thing to see.
We were also advised not to take public transportation after midnight, because it can be dangerous; that rang a major alarm in my mind!

Nevertheless, we had an amazing time, relaxing, entertaining, with many long walks, great food and drinks, and also sun! :-)
On the side note; we are major Hard Rock Café fans, and anywhere we go, it is always a mandatory stop. I thought Frankfurt had one, but it seems that it has been closed for the last couple of years.... Bummer! :-(

Anyway, here are some pics, from this amazing weekend! (click on them to enlarge)
It was notorious the amount of buildings in the making, constructions all over the place! The people over there are quite friendly and it´s an easy place to walk around.

Mission Relax: accomplished! :-D

See you next time, Frankfurt!

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  1. Excelentes fotos! Deve ser uma cidade bem fixe (é das poucas grandes cidades alemãs que nunca tive oportunidade de conhecer):D