by - Friday, July 18, 2014

This overload of news or speculations on the MH17 disaster is really overwhelming....
What started as "another" Malaysian airlines accident has become a political issue.
Even though not involving any follow Portuguese people, I do feel the pain of my fellow Dutchies.
The pictures that are online are devastating and shocking.... You do not need to see kids, with their heads smashed on the ground while still sitting on their seats.... There is no need for this!
Along side with finding the responsible people for this massacre, it should not be forgotten that hundreds of families are dealing with an immense grieve and loss.

Regardless of how many people from each country died, they are equally tremendous losses for their family, friends, colleagues.... Regardless if they were amazing scientists going to a conference or just random people travelling back home. Business class or Economy class, makes no difference in this situation! 

The idea that innocent people died, in such a stupid way it's devastating.... It gets even worse if you are traveler yourself or if you've got loved ones who travel the world, pretty much constantly... 
Knowing that nowadays no one is safe anywhere, it's almost taken as part of our daily lives, and knowing that flying isn't as safe as they say, it's also in my mind frequently, but this all gets worse if you have to start counting on which areas is your flight going to fly over... As if now, we all need to be some sort of "flight route planners" when planning a vacation or something.

Even though I want to let this go; it's all over the place... It's just impossible! 

I do not believe in any God therefore I send no prayers, but my thoughts are with those who are affected by tragedy.

The Netherlands is grieving and it was for sure a very sad day for all of us in a certain way.

May all these people rest in peace and hopefully their bodies will be handled properly.

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